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optimum suddenlink fee settlement com Cash Payments for Eligible Customers

Customers of Optimum or Suddenlink Communications who have paid certain fees may be eligible to receive a cash payment as part of a proposed class action settlement. The settlement, which is subject to court approval, arises from a lawsuit against Altice USA, Inc., Cebridge Telecom CA, LLC (doing business as Suddenlink Communications), and CSC Holdings, LLC (doing business as Optimum). The lawsuit alleges that these companies violated consumer protection laws by charging customers additional fees that were inadequately disclosed and increased rates during fixed-rate promotional periods or contracts.

To be eligible for a cash payment, you must have been a customer of Optimum or Suddenlink broadband internet or television services between July 27, 2018, and May 5, 2023, and have paid fees such as the Network Enhancement Fee, Network Access Surcharge, Broadcast Station Programming Surcharge, Sports Programming Surcharge, or other related fees.

If the settlement is approved, the defendants will establish a Settlement Fund with a value of up to $15,000,000, depending on the number of valid claims filed. Class Members who submit valid claims will receive cash payments ranging from $10.00 to $27.50, depending on whether they are current or former customers and the fees they paid during the Class Period. These amounts may be adjusted on a pro-rata basis if the Settlement Fund is insufficient to cover all claims, after deducting court-approved amounts for settlement administration costs, attorneys' fees and costs, and incentive awards.

To receive a cash payment, eligible customers must complete and submit a Claim Form by the deadline of September 5, 2023. The Claim Form is available for download on the settlement website or by contacting the Settlement Administrator. If you have received a notice about the settlement, you are likely eligible for a cash payment according to the defendants' records.

It's important to note that by doing nothing, you forfeit the opportunity to receive compensation and give up any rights to sue the defendants regarding the claims covered by the lawsuit. Alternatively, you have the option to request exclusion from the settlement, which means you will not be eligible for any benefits but retain your right to pursue legal action independently. The deadline to request exclusion is September 25, 2023.

If you disagree with the terms of the settlement, you can file an objection with the court by the same deadline. Additionally, you may choose to attend the Fairness Hearing, scheduled for October 13, 2023, to express your views on the settlement's fairness.

The Court will decide whether to grant final approval to the settlement and the distribution of payments. Payments will only be made if the Court approves the settlement and after all potential appeals have been resolved.

For further details and to access the Claim Form, refer to the settlement website or contact the Settlement Administrator. Please note that this article provides a summary of the settlement, and individuals should refer to the official notice and settlement documents for complete and accurate information.