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freepeople com, a popular clothing store, has received mixed reviews from customers on the website Trustpilot. While some customers have had positive experiences, many have expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of their interactions with the company.

One customer reported an issue with returning a dress and not receiving a refund, despite the dress being delivered back to the company. Another customer complained about their order being canceled and their account being restricted due to an unreturned item, even though they had already received a refund for it.

Several customers had difficulties with customer service and communication. One customer mentioned their struggle to place a collection order and the unhelpful responses they received when trying to resolve the issue. Another customer expressed frustration with the company's request for additional credit card information, which resulted in the cancellation of their order and the item being out of stock.

Some customers highlighted problems with the quality of the products they received. One customer received a dress that was of much lower quality than advertised, while another mentioned that the shoes they purchased broke after just two uses.

While there were a few positive reviews, most of the feedback on Trustpilot indicated a lack of satisfaction with Free People's customer service, order fulfillment, and product quality. These reviews serve as a warning to potential customers to be cautious when making purchases from the company.

It is important to note that these reviews are based on individual experiences, and there may be customers who have had positive interactions with Free People. However, the overall negative sentiment expressed in the reviews suggests a need for improvement in various aspects of the company's operations.

As a potential customer, it is advisable to carefully consider these reviews and weigh them against other factors such as personal preferences, budget, and availability of alternative options before making a purchasing decision.