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Enhancing Shipping Efficiency and Sustainability with FedEx Mobile


In today's fast-paced world, efficient and sustainable shipping solutions are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. FedEx, a leading global logistics company, offers a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse shipping needs. With the FedEx Mobile app at your fingertips, you can streamline the shipping process, track packages, manage returns, and more. Let's explore how FedEx Mobile enhances the shipping experience while prioritizing sustainability.

Simplified Tracking and Management

FedEx Mobile provides a user-friendly platform to track and manage shipments conveniently. By entering your FedEx tracking number, you can review shipping details and stay updated on the status of your packages. This feature ensures transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Environmental Responsibility

FedEx recognizes the importance of minimizing its environmental impact. Through the FedEx Sustainability Insights tool, users can log in and view estimated CO2e emissions associated with their shipments. This transparency allows businesses and individuals to make informed decisions and take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

Business Continuity

By opening a shipping account with FedEx, businesses can safeguard themselves against potential industry disruptions. This proactive approach ensures a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain, protecting businesses from unforeseen challenges.

FedEx Delivery Manager®

The FedEx Mobile app offers a powerful tool called FedEx Delivery Manager. This feature allows users to customize their delivery preferences and manage shipments more effectively. Users can request to redirect a package to a FedEx location for pickup, virtually sign for packages, and receive picture proof of delivery notifications.

Convenient Drop-Off Options

FedEx understands the importance of flexibility and convenience in shipping. The FedEx Mobile app provides access to thousands of drop-off locations, including FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Center, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, Walgreens, Dollar General, and grocery stores nationwide. This network of locations, some open 24 hours, makes it easier to consolidate drop-offs, reducing emissions associated with multiple trips.

Expert Packing Services

For those who require assistance with packing, FedEx offers expert packing services at thousands of FedEx Office locations. Trained professionals can help ensure that shipments are securely packaged and provide advice on sustainable packaging options. This service saves time and ensures the safe arrival of valuable items.

Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Certain shipments, such as pharmaceuticals and perishable goods, require temperature-controlled environments. FedEx offers cold, frozen, and deep-frozen shipping and packaging options to protect sensitive products during transit. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses in the healthcare and food industries.

International and Domestic Shipping Solutions

With FedEx, businesses can seamlessly ship both domestically and internationally. FedEx International Economy provides affordable delivery to over 215 countries and territories, while FedEx Ground offers cost-effective, reliable domestic shipping. Additionally, FedEx Home Delivery ensures service seven days a week to over 50% of the U.S. population.


FedEx Mobile revolutionizes the shipping experience by combining convenience, transparency, and sustainability. The app's features, such as package tracking, delivery management, and access to drop-off locations, streamline the shipping process for businesses and individuals alike. Moreover, FedEx's commitment to environmental responsibility through tools like the Sustainability Insights tool and temperature-controlled shipping options ensures a greener and more efficient shipping experience. Embrace the power of FedEx Mobile to enhance your shipping operations and make a positive impact on the environment.