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APL2023 Lienquan Garena: The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Tournament

APL2023 Lienquan Garena is an exciting and highly anticipated mobile gaming tournament that brings together top teams from around the world. Hosted by Garena and Timi Studio, it is the premier competition for Arena of Valor, also known as Liên Quân Mobile. In this article, we will explore the details and significance of APL2023 Lienquan Garena.

The Tournament Schedule

The APL2023 Lienquan Garena tournament will commence with the group stage matches, which are scheduled to take place from June 28th to July 29th, 2023. The matches will be held in Thailand, featuring 14 teams competing for glory and substantial prize money. The official website for the tournament is

The Thrill of Competition

The tournament promises intense battles and exhilarating gameplay as teams go head-to-head to prove their skills and strategies in Liên Quân Mobile. With the finest players from around the globe participating, viewers can expect to witness some of the most thrilling and nail-biting moments in mobile esports history.

Chung Sức Giành Vinh Quang

The APL2023 Lienquan Garena tournament is not only about the competition but also about the spirit of camaraderie and support among teams. The slogan "Chung Sức Giành Vinh Quang," meaning "Unite to Achieve Glory," reflects the shared goal of all participants to strive for excellence and celebrate the spirit of competitive gaming.

Exciting Events and Rewards

To celebrate the success of APL2023, Garena has organized special events and rewards for the fans. One such event is the "Vòng Quay May Mắn" (Lucky Spin) where participants have the opportunity to win attractive prizes. The details of this event can be found on the official website.

Global Audience and Engagement

APL2023 Lienquan Garena has garnered a significant following from fans worldwide. Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have played a vital role in connecting fans with the tournament. Live streams and highlights on platforms like YouTube have allowed fans to stay updated with the matches and support their favorite teams.

The Impact of APL2023 Lienquan Garena

The tournament has not only provided entertainment to millions of gaming enthusiasts but has also contributed to the growth and recognition of mobile esports. APL2023 Lienquan Garena showcases the talent and dedication of professional players, raising the bar for mobile gaming as a competitive discipline.


APL2023 Lienquan Garena is an extraordinary mobile gaming tournament that brings together the best teams in the world to compete in the popular game Liên Quân Mobile. With its thrilling matches, events, and widespread global engagement, the tournament has become a significant milestone in the realm of mobile esports. As fans eagerly await the grand finale, APL2023 Lienquan Garena continues to captivate the gaming community with its fierce competition and celebration of the competitive spirit.