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The Evolution of Logies Vote com au: A Fan-Favorite Awards Show


The Logie Awards, also known as the TV WEEK Logie Awards, is an annual celebration of excellence in Australian television. As a highly anticipated event, it allows fans to vote for their favorite television personalities and shows. However, the website, which was previously used for voting, is no longer active. This article explores the recent developments regarding Logies voting based on the available information from Google search results.

The New Voting Platform

According to various sources, including Now To Love, Marie Claire Australia, and, the new voting platform for the Logie Awards is Fans can visit this website to cast their votes for their favorite Australian celebrities and TV shows. It appears that the organizers have transitioned from to this new domain.

Voting Process

The voting process for the Logie Awards seems straightforward. Fans can access, browse through the list of nominees, and select their preferred choices in various categories. The website provides clear instructions and guidelines for casting votes. It's worth noting that voting is typically open for a specified period, allowing fans ample time to participate and support their favorite stars.

Nominees and Categories

As per Mediaweek and TV Blackbox, the nominations for the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards have been revealed. Fans now have the opportunity to vote for their favorite nominees in categories such as Best Actor, Best Actress, Most Popular Entertainment Program, and many more. The diverse range of categories ensures that various genres and talents are recognized and celebrated.

Fans' Excitement

Despite the change in the voting platform, fans are eagerly participating in the Logie Awards voting process. Websites like MSN, Fresherslive, and 9Now are actively promoting the awards show and encouraging fans to cast their votes on The enthusiasm of the audience demonstrates the enduring popularity and significance of the Logie Awards within the Australian television industry.


While may no longer be active, the Logie Awards continue to captivate audiences and provide a platform for fans to support their favorite television stars and shows. The transition to as the new voting platform seems to have been well-received, with fans embracing the change and actively participating in the voting process. As the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards approach, fans can look forward to an exciting event that celebrates the best of Australian television and showcases the dedication and talent of the industry's stars.