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Kia Engine Class Settlement: What You Need to Know

If you are a current or former owner or lessee of certain 2010–2020 model year Kia vehicles, there may be good news for you. A class action settlement has been proposed in the case of In re: Hyundai and Kia Engine Litigation II, No. 8:18-cv-02223-JLS-JDE (C.D. Cal.). The lawsuit alleges that these Kia vehicles, known as the "Class Vehicles," have a defect that can lead to engine seizure, stalling, engine failure, and potentially even engine fires. It further claims that some owners and lessees have been wrongly denied repairs under the vehicle's warranty. While Kia has not been found liable for the claims made in the lawsuit, the parties have agreed to a voluntary settlement to provide relief to Class Members and avoid prolonged litigation.

If you qualify as a Class Member, you may be entitled to compensation by submitting a valid and timely Claim. To determine if your vehicle is included in the Settlement, you can verify your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the official settlement website: You can also contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-800-944-1025 (Toll-Free) for assistance in determining if your vehicle is eligible.

To benefit from the Settlement, it is generally required that you complete a free Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) update at a Kia dealership before November 4, 2023. This update aims to address the engine-related issues associated with the Class Vehicles.

The Settlement offers several benefits to Class Members, including reimbursement for out-of-pocket repair expenses, reimbursement for transportation and other expenses related to engine failure or fires, compensation for trade-ins and sales of unrepaired vehicles that experienced engine issues, compensation for total vehicle loss due to engine fires, an extended Powertrain Limited Warranty, and cash rebates if you lost faith in your vehicle and subsequently purchased another Kia vehicle.

To participate in the Settlement and receive reimbursement or compensation, you must submit a Claim Form. The deadline to submit a Claim Form for most benefits is December 7, 2023. However, for certain repair costs incurred or engine failures or fires experienced after June 7, 2023, the Claim Form must be submitted within 90 days from the date of those costs or incidents.

Alternatively, if you wish to exclude yourself from the Settlement, you will not receive any payment. However, this option allows you to retain the right to file or be part of any future lawsuit against Kia regarding the claims in this case. The deadline to request exclusion is August 7, 2023. If you disagree with the Settlement but still want to remain part of the lawsuit, you have the option to object to it by submitting your concerns in writing to Class Counsel by the same deadline.

A final fairness hearing is scheduled for September 8, 2023, where the Court will determine whether to approve the Settlement. If approved and any appeals are resolved, payments will be made to eligible Class Members. It's important to note that the Court approval process may take some time, so patience is advised.

For more information about the Class Vehicles, Settlement benefits, and your rights and options, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the settlement website.

Please keep in mind that the information provided here is a summary and does not constitute legal advice. To fully understand your rights and options, it is recommended to review the official settlement documents and consult with legal professionals if needed.

The deadline to submit a claim for most benefits is December 7, 2023, and it's crucial to periodically check the settlement website for any updates on important dates and information.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Settlement Administrator at or call 1-800-944-1025 (Toll-Free). They will be able to provide further assistance and address any concerns you may have.

It is important to note that the settlement process is still ongoing, and the Court has yet to approve the Settlement. Therefore, payments will only be made if the Court grants approval and all appeals are resolved. The Court approval process can take time, so it is important to be patient and regularly check the settlement website for updates.

If you believe you may be eligible for compensation or reimbursement under the Kia Engine Class Settlement, it is recommended that you take the necessary steps to verify your eligibility and submit a Claim Form before the deadline. By doing so, you can potentially receive the benefits outlined in the Settlement, including reimbursement for repair expenses, compensation for trade-ins or sales, extended warranty coverage, and cash rebates.

Remember, while the Settlement provides an opportunity for eligible Class Members to receive compensation, it is essential to review the official settlement documents and consult with legal professionals if you require legal advice or have specific concerns about your rights and options.

The Kia Engine Class Settlement aims to address the alleged engine defects and provide relief to affected Kia vehicle owners and lessees. By participating in the settlement process, you have the opportunity to receive the compensation and benefits you may be entitled to.