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Aerobiological Solutions Inc (ASI) has been at the forefront of microbial investigations and remediation in the Washington DC area since 1997. With a strong emphasis on science and integrity, ASI has built a reputation for delivering high-quality services to clients dealing with indoor environmental issues. Whether it's mold, bacteria, or other microbial concerns, ASI offers a range of services to address these problems effectively.

In the ever-evolving field of indoor air quality, ASI understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest scientific advancements. Over the years, they have witnessed technologies come and go as scientific understanding and business principles have shifted. This adaptability has allowed them to act as both remediation contractors and consultants, depending on the unique needs of their clients, all while avoiding conflicts of interest.

When it comes to serious issues that can impact health, property value, and liability, science and integrity are paramount. ASI recognizes the significance of every customer, whether they are medical referral clients, subjects of lawsuits, concerned property owners/occupants, or prospective real estate buyers. They approach each case with professionalism and expertise, relying on scientifically valid literature, professional experience, or legal knowledge to provide well-informed opinions.

Respecting customer privacy is a core value at ASI, as they are often hired under circumstances that require sensitivity. They understand that they may be subject to HIPAA privacy rules and take great care not to cause any economic harm to a customer's property value.

To further instill confidence in their clients, ASI carries professional insurance and is happy to provide customers with a copy upon request. They take pride in their ability to obtain insurance for microbial consulting work and expert witness services in law suits. Their insurance broker, Legends Environmental Insurance Services, LLC, and their insurance carrier, American Safety Risk Retention Group, Inc., ensure that they have the necessary coverage for their clients' protection. Moreover, their status as an insured company is listed on the American Council of Accredited Certifications website, adding an extra layer of credibility.

ASI strives to help clients find affordable alternatives compared to traditional remediation methods that may not be beneficial. While they no longer engage in microbial remediation themselves, they assist clients and contractors in finding middle ground so that both parties can achieve their objectives fairly.

The main point of contact for ASI's consulting services is Greg Weatherman, a Certified Microbial Consultant independently board awarded by the American Council of Accredited Certifications. Greg's expertise is reflected in his authorship of Chapter 24, "Testing & Remediation," in the book Surviving Mold by Ritchie Shoemaker, MD. This chapter sheds light on the pitfalls of consulting and contracting for indoor microbial problems, especially for sensitive populations. ASI firmly believes that anyone suffering from health problems related to mold and bacteria is considered sensitive, regardless of the specific nature of the health issue.

Greg Weatherman is also an active member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and the Global Indoor Health Network, demonstrating his commitment to staying connected with industry professionals and fostering collaboration for the benefit of clients.

To avail themselves of ASI's services, clients can reach out to their offices in Arlington, VA (703-920-6653) or Ft. Lauderdale, FL (754-702-2253), or contact Greg Weatherman directly via email at

In conclusion, Aerobiological Solutions Inc has been providing indoor environmental solutions since 1997, guided by a strong scientific foundation and unwavering integrity. Their commitment to staying abreast of scientific advancements, respecting customer privacy, and finding affordable alternatives sets them apart in the industry. With a focus on delivering high-quality services, ASI continues to help clients navigate and resolve indoor air quality issues effectively. Their expertise in microbial investigations and remediation ensures that clients receive the most accurate assessment and appropriate solutions for their specific situations.