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trackmyroadie com is an online platform that allows senders and recipients to track the real-time status of their deliveries. It is an integral part of Roadie, a crowdsourced delivery service that connects drivers with people who need to send items locally or nationally.

Using is easy. Senders and recipients can simply click on the tracking link that was emailed or texted to them, or visit the website directly and enter the 16-digit tracking number that was provided to them. This tracking number is a unique combination of numbers and lowercase letters that Roadie assigns to every active delivery. It enables senders and recipients to see the progress of their delivery, from the time it was picked up by the driver to the moment it arrives at its destination.

One thing to keep in mind is that if a sender receives a tracking number from a retailer that is in a different format from Roadie's tracking number, they will not be able to utilize that tracking number at Instead, they will need to work through the retailer to obtain tracking information.

If a sender or recipient needs additional assistance, they can always contact Roadie's customer service team via chat on the website. The team is available to help with any questions or concerns, including issues with drivers, payment, or lost or damaged items.

In addition to tracking deliveries, also provides a wealth of information about Roadie and how it works. Senders can find answers to common questions about setting up multiple deliveries, sending items with dry ice, and using the Roadie Protection Plan. There are also FAQs for drivers, including information about how they are matched with gigs and how they communicate with potential customers.

Roadie is an ideal solution for people who need to send items locally or nationally but don't want to pay high shipping fees or deal with the hassle of traditional delivery services. With, senders and recipients can easily track the progress of their deliveries and stay informed every step of the way. And with Roadie's network of over 200,000 drivers, they can rest assured that their items will be delivered safely and on time.