Skip to main content Is it Safe or a Scam? is a website that has been flagged as suspicious by Scamadviser. With a trust score of 57/100, users are advised to exercise caution when interacting with this website. The trust score is determined by a computer algorithm that considers various factors, including third-party reviews, the location of the company, the hosting party used, and reports of selling fake products.

Positive highlights of include the presence of a valid SSL certificate, which ensures that data exchanged between the user's browser and the website is encrypted and secure. Additionally, DNSFilter labels the site as safe, and it has been checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart.

However, there are several negative highlights that contribute to the low trust score. The identity of the website owner is hidden on WHOIS, which makes it difficult to determine the authenticity and credibility of the website. The Tranco rank, which indicates website traffic, is rather low compared to other websites in the same country. An iframe has been detected within the website, which is not a common occurrence and can raise suspicions.

The registrar of is also associated with scammers, which further reduces the trust rating of the website. Additionally, the website is relatively young, having been registered just six months ago. Young websites can be riskier as they have not established a reputation and may be removed from the web due to negative reviews and comments.

The lack of consumer reviews on ScamAdviser raises concerns about the legitimacy of No reviews have been left for the website, which means there is no feedback or information available from previous customers.

In terms of technical review, the use of iframes or other technologies to display content from another web server is considered uncommon. This raises questions about the website's intentions and credibility. The low trust score is also attributed to the registrar used by the website, which is associated with websites with low trust scores.

While the presence of an SSL certificate is a positive sign, it is important to note that scammers can also use SSL certificates to appear legitimate. Therefore, it is not a guarantee of the website's reliability.

In summary, has been identified as a suspicious website with a low trust score. Users are advised to conduct their own research and exercise caution before interacting with the website. The lack of consumer reviews and the presence of certain red flags raise concerns about the legitimacy and safety of this website.