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soyluzia com Review: Is it Safe or a Scam? is a website that offers artificial intelligence-powered services through WhatsApp. Users can contact Luzia, an AI-powered bot that can transcribe messages, provide quick responses, and offer human-like conversations. However, many people are questioning whether is a legitimate website or a scam.'s Trust Score

The trust score of a website determines its reliability and authenticity.'s trust score is 57 out of 100, which is rather low. The trust score is generated by an algorithm that examines various factors such as third-party reviews, hosting, and location. The website's low trust score indicates that it may be a scam.

Positive Highlights has a few positive highlights, including a valid SSL certificate, which means that data shared between the website and the user's browser is encrypted and secure. The website has also been labeled safe by DNSFilter and checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart.

Negative Highlights

There are some negative highlights to consider when evaluating the authenticity of The identity of the website owner is hidden on WHOIS, which makes it difficult to identify the owner. Additionally, the Tranco rank, which measures a website's traffic, is low compared to other websites in its country. The website is also relatively young, having been established recently, which may indicate that it is not yet established as a reliable website.

Consumer Reviews

Currently, there are no consumer reviews available for This lack of reviews is concerning since it could suggest that the website is not yet well-known or has not been used by many people. However, it is also possible that users who have tried the service have not left reviews yet.

Facts About was registered on March 27, 2023, making it only one month old. The website's WHOIS data is hidden, and the company behind the website is located in Spain. The website is very fast, and it has a valid SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. However, the SSL certificate is a low-level domain-validated certificate (DV SSL), which is not as secure as a high-level certificate.


In conclusion, is a suspicious website that may be a scam. The website's low trust score, the fact that the website is relatively new, and the hidden WHOIS data are all factors that contribute to its suspicious nature. Although the website has some positive highlights, such as a valid SSL certificate, users should still be cautious when using the website's services. Users should take the time to research the website and consider using alternative services until has been established as a reliable and trustworthy website.