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rx 1800contacts com verification provider is one of the largest online retailers of contact lenses, with over 50,000 partnering eye care providers in the United States. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service and has implemented a verification system that is compliant with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Law (FCLCA) and is easy to use for all parties involved. This system involves a phone verification process and an inbound fax verification response process, both developed with the latest technologies from industry leaders Nuance Communications Inc. and Verizon Business.

The phone verification system is designed to ensure that all required information is transmitted in an intelligible and consistent manner to eye care providers. To make the text-to-speech pronunciation as easy to understand as possible, 1-800 CONTACTS has added customization features to the system. These features allow each office to use the system with ease, and to receive the verification request in the shortest possible time. This results in quicker response times and better service for customers.

To avoid any system errors or other issues that can arise with live person verification, 1-800 CONTACTS has chosen to use an automated system that is consistent every time. This ensures that all required information is conveyed, and that there is no room for error. The system call communicates the required information, as required by law, in approximately two minutes. If this time is too burdensome for the office, the system offers customized options to have the system call back in five minutes, to pause, resume, repeat, or skip the introduction.

1-800 CONTACTS understands that the verification process should not place a significant burden on any office staff. The initial verification phone call does not require the end user to verify the prescription right away. Instead, it conveys the required contact lens verification information so that the office can verify the contact lens prescription at their convenience. The FCLCA requires that a seller of contact lenses wait eight business hours once the required information has been successfully communicated to the eye care provider's office. If the seller does not receive verification response within that given time frame, the seller is allowed to ship the contact lens order.

1-800 CONTACTS also offers an online vision exam for customers who do not have access to an eye doctor or optometrist. The online exam is easy to take and includes a comprehensive vision test that is reviewed by an ophthalmologist licensed in the customer's state. If the exam results show that the customer needs corrective lenses, 1-800 CONTACTS can fulfill the prescription.

For customers who have vision insurance, 1-800 CONTACTS accepts most major vision insurance plans, including VSP, EyeMed, and Spectera. Customers can submit their insurance information during the checkout process, and 1-800 CONTACTS will verify their benefits and apply any eligible discounts.

To order contact lenses from 1-800 CONTACTS, customers can sign in to their account or create a new account if they do not already have one. The sign-in process is simple and straightforward. Once signed in, customers can browse the selection of contact lenses, select the desired brand and type of lens, and enter their prescription information. Customers can also choose to upload a picture of their prescription or have 1-800 CONTACTS contact their eye doctor directly for verification.

In conclusion, 1-800 CONTACTS provides an easy and efficient way to order contact lenses online. The company's verification system is compliant with the FCLCA and uses the latest technologies from industry leaders to ensure that all required information is conveyed in an intelligible and consistent manner. With an online vision exam, acceptance of most major vision insurance plans, and a simple sign-in process, 1-800 CONTACTS makes it easy for customers to get the contact lenses they need.