Skip to main content is an online shopping site that appears to be a scam. The website, which was launched in early 2023, sells a range of products, including clothing and footwear. However, after conducting a thorough review of the site, it is clear that there are several red flags that suggest the site is not legitimate.

Firstly, the site's owner's information is hidden and not shared on the website. This lack of transparency is a common trait among fraudulent sites. Additionally, the site uses duplicate content on its website, which is a major red flag. The content present on the site is not original, and it can be checked through any plagiarism checker available online for free.

Another significant red flag is that the deals offered on the website are too good to be true. It is not uncommon for fake websites to offer big discounts as a means of luring unsuspecting customers. Unfortunately, many people fall for these tactics and end up losing their money.

Data security is also an issue on, as the site has not guarded its website properly. The website does not have a valid SSL certificate, which means that customers' personal information, such as credit card details, could be compromised.

Another red flag is that the website is not available on social media. In the era of social media, an online site that is not present on social media shows that the site is not serious about its work.

The domain age of is also very new, and a young website to offer big discounts is not a sustainable business idea. Therefore, it is essential to avoid such websites that are too good to be true.

Furthermore, after conducting research, we found negative reviews about on other websites. It is a new website, and therefore, it is quite suspicious that it has negative reviews so early on in its existence. This is a major red flag that suggests the site is not legitimate.

Lastly,'s trust score is very low. A trust score is a metric that measures a website's reliability and reputation. A low trust score indicates that the site is not trustworthy and should be avoided.

In conclusion, based on the information gathered during our review, we can say that is a shopping scam site that should be avoided. It has several red flags, such as the lack of transparency, duplicate content, and unsecured data. Additionally, the site offers big discounts that are too good to be true, which is a tactic used by fraudulent websites. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when shopping online and avoid sites that raise suspicions or appear to be fraudulent.