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is super travel legit

SuperTravel (previously SnapTravel) is an online travel agency that offers discounted hotel bookings. However, the question remains: is Super Travel legit, or is it a scam? In short, Super Travel is a legitimate company. It has been in business for several years and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and TechCrunch, among other press outlets. However, there are risks associated with booking through SuperTravel, including issues with reservations, difficulties in making changes, non-refundable bookings, and the hotel's standards being out of SuperTravel's control.

One major issue with SuperTravel is that it acts as an intermediary between the traveler and the hotel. As a middleman, SuperTravel collects the payment and is responsible for the booking, not the hotel. This means that the hotel is not liable to help the traveler directly if something goes wrong. If a problem arises, the traveler will have to contact SuperTravel, who will then contact the hotel, resulting in a lot of back-and-forth communication. This makes the process of resolving issues more complicated and can take longer to resolve.

Another problem with SuperTravel is the risk of reservation issues. Sometimes SuperTravel fails to notify the hotel about the guest's reservation, resulting in no reservation or overbooking for the same room. The hotels may also "bump" those guests who have paid the least through an online travel agency like SuperTravel and resell the room to someone who has paid more directly. Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest may be denied the existence of their reservation. To avoid this, travelers should contact the hotel to confirm their booking as soon as they have booked.

Making changes to bookings through SuperTravel is generally refused, even if the hotel agrees to the amendments. This is another risk associated with booking a hotel through SuperTravel. Travelers should double-check their information and ensure that they have selected the correct dates before booking their hotel through SuperTravel to avoid any hassles later on.

If a non-refundable booking is chosen through SuperTravel, travelers should not expect any refunds, even if the hotel is willing to offer one. Travelers who think their plans may change should pay a little extra and choose a refundable booking option when booking through SuperTravel.

Finally, the standards of the hotel are out of SuperTravel's control. If the hotel does not meet expectations or is not as described in the listing, there is nothing that SuperTravel can do about it. The traveler must accept the hotel as it is. To avoid any nasty surprises, travelers should thoroughly research the hotel they are considering for their stay and look for reviews, amenities, and photos.

In conclusion, while SuperTravel is a legitimate company, there are risks associated with booking through them. These risks can be minimized by following the tips mentioned above. However, travelers should be aware that there may be issues that arise from booking through an intermediary, and they should weigh the risks before booking.