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wintor abc com co is a Colombian television channel that broadcasts news, lifestyle, and social programs. The channel is known for its informative and diverse content that caters to a wide audience, including people interested in social issues, current affairs, and gastronomy. Wintor ABC is committed to providing viewers with engaging and informative programming, with a focus on local and regional issues.

One of the most popular programs on Wintor ABC is Gastronomía, which showcases the best of Colombian cuisine. The program features interviews with local chefs, food critics, and food bloggers, and explores the latest food trends and culinary innovations. Viewers can learn about the history of Colombian cuisine, as well as discover new and exciting dishes to try at home.

Another program that attracts a lot of attention is Mujer, which focuses on women's issues and features interviews with inspiring and accomplished women. The program covers a wide range of topics, including women's health, work-life balance, and empowerment. Mujer also highlights women who are making a difference in their communities and features stories of female entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders.

In addition to its lifestyle programming, Wintor ABC also covers current affairs and social issues. The channel's Actualidad program provides in-depth coverage of local and national news, including politics, crime, and social justice issues. The program also features interviews with experts and community leaders, providing viewers with a nuanced and informed perspective on the issues that affect their lives.

Wintor ABC's commitment to social issues is evident in its Programas Sociales segment, which highlights initiatives and programs that aim to improve the lives of Colombians. One of the most important initiatives featured in this segment is Sisbén IV, a program that provides subsidies and assistance to low-income families. The program helps families access basic services such as healthcare, education, and housing, and is an important part of the government's efforts to reduce poverty and inequality.

While Wintor ABC provides coverage of a range of topics, it is important to note that the channel also respects the privacy and dignity of all individuals. In particular, the channel does not sensationalize or exploit the experiences of marginalized communities. This is in line with Wintor ABC's commitment to providing fair and balanced coverage of current affairs.

Overall, Wintor ABC is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Colombian culture, current affairs, and social issues. The channel's diverse programming provides a nuanced and informed perspective on the issues that affect Colombians, and its commitment to quality and integrity make it a trusted source of information for viewers across the country.