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Where is Dr. Oz ?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, inventor, author, and television personality, recently lost his bid for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Despite investing $27 million in his campaign, he lost by four percentage points. So, where is Dr. Oz based now?

Dr. Oz has severed his ties with Columbia University, where he served as an emeritus professor and special lecturer. While money may not be the prime motivator, his campaign financial disclosure report shows that he is worth between $100 million and $422 million. With his political career at a crossroads, Dr. Oz could volunteer and become a part of the community in Pennsylvania to overcome his outsider identity, his biggest weakness during the Senate campaign. Alternatively, he could try running again for the Senate seat in 2024, but he may face a costly and lengthy rematch with hedge fund CEO David McCormick.

If Dr. Oz decides to move on from politics, he may consider returning to daytime television, which made him famous enough to run for office in the first place. However, he may find the environment less welcoming than before he entered politics. As a strong partisan politician, he has “a big problem because he went all-in MAGA,” says Matthew Baum, a communications professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. “It’s kind of a fundamental violation of that trust. He crossed that line decisively.”

Furthermore, his political affiliation with Trump may shade his image as a friendly TV doctor, which may not sit well with his would-be consumers of Oz content. His views on abortion may also be particularly alienating to Democratic voters, who see it as a crucial issue. Red Seat Ventures partner Christopher Balfe, a media consultant specializing in conservative outlets, believes that “You don’t think of Mehmet Oz as a doctor. You think of him as a Republican,” adding that “His health brand is dead.”

If Dr. Oz decides to leave Pennsylvania and seek a new career, he may consider returning to his home state of New Jersey. However, he may face Democratic ads targeting him for the move. The path ahead for Dr. Oz is not straightforward, and he must consider his options carefully before making a decision.

In conclusion, Dr. Mehmet Oz has enjoyed success in many fields, but his recent political defeat has left him at a crossroads. He may decide to continue his political career in Pennsylvania or move on to other endeavors, such as returning to daytime television or seeking a new career in his home state of New Jersey. However, his political affiliation with Trump may harm his brand as a friendly TV doctor, and he may need to rebuild trust with his audience before returning to the small screen.