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vmc com

VMC, now a Keywords Studio, is a company dedicated to providing optimal end-user experiences to clients across various industries. With its roots dating back to 1999, VMC has established itself as a leading provider of Quality Assurance (QA) services, particularly in the video game and digital entertainment sectors.

One of VMC’s core services is Functional QA, which helps ensure that games perform as intended. This is achieved through customized testing that identifies defects and bugs that may affect a player’s experience. This is particularly crucial in the video game industry, where the success of a game depends heavily on its quality.

Another important service provided by is Localization QA, which helps ensure that games are tailored to local audiences. With dedicated testing studios across Asia, Europe, and North America, VMC can provide fully integrated Localization QA solutions that ensure players are immersed in a truly local experience. This is particularly important for games that are launched in multiple regions and languages, as cultural differences can impact a player’s experience.

VMC also provides Player Support services to help clients retain their customers. These services provide tools and expertise to deliver a best-in-class customer experience for video games, ensuring that players are satisfied with their gaming experience and likely to continue playing.

Embedded Technical Services is another core offering from VMC, which provides flexible, scalable, and repeatable solutions customized to meet unique client requirements. By leveraging a pool of subject matter experts, VMC can provide embedded teams for the world’s most innovative brands, ensuring continuous improvement, and accelerating productivity.

Finally, VMC’s Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) provides structured live-play scenario tests across all major game platforms and devices. With 20,000 active, professional gamers in 40+ countries, GBTN can identify functionality, connectivity, and performance issues under real-world networking conditions. This provides valuable user experience feedback and helps ensure that new game releases perform optimally.

VMC’s participation in Intel’s Testing Suite Program is yet another example of its commitment to excellence. Through this global initiative, VMC provides support for developers eager to optimize their games and take advantage of cutting-edge Intel HD and Intel Iris graphics. With access to Intel-seeded hardware, VMC can ensure that games are tested on the latest cutting-edge Intel devices, providing extensive benchmark testing to ensure optimal performance across a variety of configurations.

In conclusion, VMC, now a part of Keywords Studios, provides a wide range of services to clients across various industries, with a focus on video games and digital entertainment. Its services include Functional QA, Localization QA, Player Support, Embedded Technical Services, and Global Beta Test Network, and its participation in Intel’s Testing Suite Program further underscores its commitment to excellence. By partnering with VMC, clients can ensure that their end-users have the best possible experience, leading to greater customer satisfaction and business success.