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uballoky com is an online store based in the United States that offers a collection of tops and winter wear for women. The store has a limited collection of clothes and claims that one person can purchase only one product at a time. However, the website's legitimacy is questionable, and this article aims to provide readers with a detailed analysis of its reliability.

According to the website's trust index, it has a poor score of 39.4/100, indicating that it may not be trustworthy. Additionally, the website has a malware count of 10/100, which raises further concerns about its security. Its phishing score is mediocre at 58/100, and there are no customer reviews available online or on the website.

The website was registered only twelve days ago, on April 12, 2023, which is also a factor that suggests it may not be entirely trustworthy. Furthermore, the website is not present on any social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The absence of social media accounts raises questions about the website's authenticity, and it may not be a reliable shopping destination.

The website's specifications, as determined in this review, are as follows:

Email Id: Not Available
Phone Number: Unfound
Address Information: Unavailable
No customer testimonials were found.
Return Policy: Unavailable
Payment Options: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
Shipment Policy: The website has not written its shipping policy.

Although the website offers several payment options, its absence of a return policy and shipping policy may further deter potential customers. The lack of contact information and service policies raises further doubts about the website's reliability and may indicate that it is a scam.

In conclusion, the website's legitimacy is questionable based on the factors discussed in this review. The website's inferior trust index and malware score, lack of customer reviews, and absence on social media platforms, indicate that it may not be trustworthy. It is recommended that potential customers exercise caution before making any purchases on this website.

Overall, it is essential to research and understand an online store's credibility before making any transactions. This review aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of's legitimacy, and it is advised to take all the factors into account before making any decisions.