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tatemart com is an online store that has been flagged as a scam by Online Threat Alerts (OTA), an anti-cybercrime community that alerts the public to web or internet threats. According to OTA, is a fake and scam online store that poses a risk to online shoppers who may receive counterfeit goods or nothing at all from the store.

The OTA warning indicates that is not a legitimate online store and customers who have shopped at the store are advised to contact their bank or financial institution to have their transactions canceled and money refunded. The warning also provides additional information about the website, such as its email address, the name of the company that owns the website, and its registered company number. However, the company's address is listed as not a returning address.'s website does not provide sufficient information about the company and its products, which raises suspicions. The website lacks essential features that customers look for when shopping online, such as detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and a physical address. This lack of transparency and accountability is a red flag that the website is not genuine.

Moreover, the only way to contact the company is through its email address, which is a common trait of fraudulent websites. Most legitimate online stores provide multiple ways of contacting the company, including a phone number, a physical address, or a live chat feature. However, does not provide any of these contact options, indicating that it is not a legitimate online store.

In conclusion, is a fraudulent online store that poses a risk to online shoppers. The lack of transparency, accountability, and essential features, such as a physical address, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews, are all indications that the website is not genuine. OTA's warning serves as a reminder that customers should exercise caution when shopping online and be vigilant of potential scams. It is always advisable to research a website thoroughly before making a purchase, and to avoid websites that raise suspicions or do not provide sufficient information about the company and its products.