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staples@printme com email Email: An Overview of the Print-from-Email Service and a Reported Bug is an email service offered by Staples that allows customers to print documents directly from their email. This service is a convenient option for those who need to print documents quickly, especially if they are unable to do so from their personal printer or do not have a printer at all. However, a recent bug has been reported regarding the inability to print filled-in-form data on PDFs, causing frustration among users. In this article, we will provide an overview of the email service and discuss the reported bug.

Overview of Email Service

The email service is a simple and efficient way to print documents on the go. Customers can simply send an email with the document they wish to print attached, and Staples will print it for them. The service is available in-store and through the Staples website, making it accessible for customers wherever they are. In addition, the service supports a wide range of file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

To use the email service, customers can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new email and attach the document they wish to print.
  2. Enter as the recipient email address.
  3. Add any printing instructions in the subject or body of the email.
  4. Send the email and wait for confirmation that the document is ready for pick-up.

The service is easy to use and can save customers time and hassle if they need to print documents while on the go.

Reported Bug with Printing Filled-in-Form Data

Despite the convenience of the email service, a bug has been reported regarding the inability to print filled-in-form data on PDFs. When a PDF with filled-in-form data is sent to, the service is not able to pick up the saved metadata inside the form, resulting in a blank printout. This issue has caused frustration among users who rely on the service to print important documents, such as tax forms or applications.

To work around this issue, some users have reported using a third-party tool to convert the PDF to a series of images, which can then be converted back into a PDF and compressed for printing. While this may be a viable workaround for some, it is not a practical solution for everyone, especially those who do not have the technical knowledge or access to the necessary tools.

Users have reported this bug to Staples through the company's feedback channels, but it is unclear if and when a fix will be implemented. In the meantime, customers who rely on the email service for printing filled-in-form PDFs may need to find alternative solutions.


The email service is a convenient option for printing documents on the go, but a reported bug regarding the inability to print filled-in-form data on PDFs has caused frustration among users. While a workaround exists, it may not be practical for everyone. If you rely on this service for printing important documents, it may be worth exploring alternative options until a fix is implemented. As with any technology, bugs and issues can arise, and it's important to have backup plans in place to avoid any potential disruptions.