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SolPass is a free online resource for students and teachers that offers study materials, interactive games, and assessments to help students in the state of Virginia prepare for the Standards of Learning (SOL) exams. The SolPass website, which can be found at, was created in 2004 by a group of Virginia educators who saw a need for a comprehensive online study tool for students. The site is used by thousands of students and teachers across the state of Virginia each year.

SolPass is organized by grade level and subject area, with materials available for elementary, middle, and high school students. The site offers review materials for a range of subjects, including English, math, science, and social studies. Students can access practice questions and interactive games that cover key concepts and skills. Teachers can also create their own assessments and track student progress through the site's built-in tracking tools.

One of the unique features of SolPass is its focus on Virginia-specific content. The site includes materials and assessments that align with the Virginia Standards of Learning, which are the state's educational standards for K-12 public schools. This focus on state-specific content helps ensure that students are prepared for the SOL exams and are able to demonstrate mastery of Virginia's curriculum.

In addition to the review materials and interactive games, SolPass also offers a range of resources for teachers. The site includes lesson plans, teaching strategies, and classroom activities that can be used to supplement classroom instruction. Teachers can also use SolPass to create their own assessments and track student progress.

Overall, SolPass is a valuable resource for Virginia students and teachers. The site's focus on state-specific content and its interactive study materials make it an effective tool for SOL exam preparation. The site's tracking tools and resources for teachers also make it a useful tool for classroom instruction. If you're a student or teacher in Virginia, be sure to check out SolPass and see how it can help you succeed in the classroom.