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servetly com is an online e-commerce website that claims to sell various products at discounted prices. However, it is important to ask the right questions before using such a website. Is Servetly a scam? Is Servetly real or fake? Is it worth buying products from Servetly? This article will provide a review of based on the information available on

The first red flag about is that its content is copied from other websites. Upon checking the content using a plagiarism checker, it was found that the content on this website is not original. This raises questions about the authenticity of the products being sold on this website. If the website's content is fake, there is a chance that the products being sold are also fake.

Another red flag is that the information about the owner of the website is hidden. Nobody knows who owns The information about the owner is not shared, and they even hide their info in the WHOIS records. This lack of transparency is alarming, and it suggests that the website may not be genuine.

The website also offers products at lower prices and sales on every product. No genuine website offers sales on every product without any reason. This tactic is often used by fake websites to lure in customers with the promise of discounts, only to scam them later. also has zero social media presence. Not having any social media account in present times shows that the people behind Servetly are not serious about their work. They have not come to do genuine business.

Finally, there are many similar non-legit websites like Loziee, Truedishus, Exclusiverealdeals, and others. This similarity suggests that the same group of people may be behind these websites, and they are using different names to scam people.

In terms of specifications, has an email address and claims to accept payments via VISA, MASTERCARD, and PAYPAL. The website also claims to have a shipping and delivery policy of 5-12 days and a return and exchange policy of 14 days. However, these claims may not be genuine, given the other red flags associated with the website.

In conclusion, it is important to exercise caution when using websites like The website raises many red flags, including copied content, hidden ownership information, and an absence of social media presence. These red flags suggest that the website may not be genuine, and using it could result in scams. It is advisable to research a website thoroughly before using it to make any purchases.