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rooforal com is an online store that claims to sell fashionable items such as dresses, sandals, coats, jumpsuits, slippers, jeans, among others, at low prices. The website is trending because of its ongoing Amazon customer returns pallets flash sale, which is not genuine. This article explores and highlights the reasons why buyers should beware of the site.

Firstly, the site is owned and operated by Kentesh Ltd, whose reputation online is terrible, and it is a shady company linked to many untrustworthy online stores. The products on the site come from China, contrary to what the site indicates that it is based in the UK. The website's email address,, is not functional, and there is no phone number provided. All efforts to contact the customer agent have been futile.

Secondly, the store is selling items at too-good-to-be-true prices, and the discount margin is unrealistic, even on a sale. The store uses cheap prices to lure buyers, but in reality, no legit store can offer such discounts. Additionally, the website lacks security measures, and it is not secured with McAfee or Norton. The site is vulnerable to hackers who can tamper with customers' personal and financial details.

Thirdly, is a scam Amazon pallet store. The scammers behind this scam use social media like Facebook to get tons of victims. They set up a website and run an ad on it with the following words: "Amazon Liquidation Pallets," "Amazon Unclaimed Packages," "Amazon Pallets Warehouse," among others. They make the claim with a sense of urgency, using words like "Closing warehouse," "Last Chance to Order - 2022 Amazon Customer Returns Pallets." Then they claim that the pallets usually contain electronics, toys, daily necessities, household appliances, household products, sports products, tools, gardening accessories, etc. However, when customers make an order, they receive cheap items instead, such as inferior clothes and sandals.

Finally, using PayPal to make purchases from does not guarantee a quick refund. Some of these suspicious stores exploit a major issue with PayPal's system, where they purchase the item, a few days later, find a tracking number that has shipped to the buyer's area, which is completely unrelated to the buyer's item, and then post this tracking number into the buyer's PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction, and it is almost impossible to dispute. Therefore, using PayPal is no guarantee that a buyer wouldn't be scammed.

In conclusion, is not a legit website, and buyers should beware of it. The website is a scam Amazon pallet store, and buyers may end up receiving cheap items instead of the pallets they ordered. Therefore, buyers should exercise caution when making online purchases and should always research the website and the seller before making any payments.