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reinforced identity management for campus condorcet travellingall

The Campus Condorcet, a project that brings together eleven educational and research establishments in the northern suburbs of Paris, faces several difficulties in managing its identities within the campus information system and providing access to it. However, to solve these difficulties, LemonLDAP::NG and Fusion Directory technologies were selected. OpenSides and Worteks integrated and deployed these solutions, which were federative and non-intrusive, and allowed user consent and transparency. The existing directories respected a common technical framework, including the SAML v2 protocol (Security assertion markup language) and the SupAnn recommendations (Directories for Higher Education), and connections were facilitated via the RENATER identity federation.

The EPCC managed its directory with Fusion Directory, which relied on LemonLDAP::NG to delegate authentication to the directories of the establishments of origin and pass on the access authorizations to the campus IS. The home establishment retained control over the identities of its personnel and their associated rights, from registration to the granting or removal of rights.

The technical choice of using Fusion Directory and LemonLDAP::NG was made because the two solutions integrated perfectly, complied with the necessary technical standards, offered numerous protocols, and were free software supported by large communities, in particular in France. The cost of the project was around 100,000 euros for an effective period of six months, to which were added 40,000 euros for maintenance and upgrades over a total of four years. The project started in July after a call for tenders at the beginning of 2018 and went into production in December.

The reinforced identity management solution is necessary to accommodate 18,000 people and more than a hundred research units, as the double campus gradually expands. The project is led by a dedicated structure, the Etablissement Public Campus Condorcet (EPCC). The solution selected allows user consent and transparency, while respecting the existing directories' common technical framework. It is also cost-effective and supported by a large community. The solution can be replicated in other establishments with similar needs to ensure that identity management is efficient and secure.

In other news, Wallix acquired Trustelem, which is an SaaS authentication solution. This acquisition will help Wallix expand its capabilities and offerings. It also demonstrates the importance of identity management solutions and how they continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of organizations. The need for secure and efficient identity management solutions is growing, and organizations need to adapt to stay ahead of the curve.