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raw story .com is an American news website that publishes breaking news, investigative journalism, and opinion pieces. Raw Story was founded in 2004 by John Byrne, and today it is one of the most widely read progressive news sites in the United States. Raw Story covers US news, politics, science, and other topics that are relevant to its readers.

One of the unique features of Raw Story is that it has a paywall. Readers can access some articles for free, but to read the full article, they need to subscribe for a monthly fee. Raw Story offers a $1 subscription for the first month, after which the monthly fee increases to $12. It's a relatively low price compared to other news websites that have paywalls.

Raw Story's subscription model is an essential part of its business model. It allows the website to generate revenue from its readers and reduce its dependence on advertising. The paywall also ensures that Raw Story can continue to produce quality journalism without relying on clickbait articles that might not be relevant or accurate.

Another unique feature of Raw Story is its investigative journalism. The website has won several awards for its investigative pieces, which have uncovered corruption, scandals, and other stories that other news outlets might not have covered. Raw Story's investigative reporting has also helped to hold public officials and institutions accountable for their actions.

Raw Story's opinion pieces are another important feature of the website. The website publishes opinion pieces from a wide range of progressive writers, activists, and politicians. The opinion section covers a broad range of topics, including politics, social issues, and culture. Raw Story's opinion pieces provide readers with a platform to share their views and engage with other readers.

Raw Story's coverage of science is another unique feature of the website. The website covers a wide range of scientific topics, including climate change, space exploration, and medical research. Raw Story's science coverage provides readers with a deeper understanding of the scientific issues that affect their lives.

In conclusion, Raw Story is a unique and important news website that offers readers breaking news, investigative journalism, opinion pieces, and science coverage. The website's paywall, investigative reporting, opinion pieces, and science coverage are some of the features that make Raw Story stand out from other news websites. If you're interested in progressive news and quality journalism, Raw Story is definitely worth checking out.