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proxyvote com Making Your Voice Heard in Shareholder Meetings

Investing in public companies and mutual funds comes with the privilege of voting on important issues that affect the future of the organization. These issues can range from electing board members to approving mergers and acquisitions. While attending shareholder meetings is the ideal way to have your voice heard, many investors are unable to attend in person. This is where, powered by Broadridge Financial Solutions, comes in handy. is an online platform that allows investors to vote by proxy, ensuring that their views are represented at the shareholder meetings.

What is a Proxy Vote?

A proxy vote is a vote cast on behalf of another person or organization. In the context of investing, it refers to the act of authorizing another person or entity to vote on your behalf at a shareholder meeting. This person or entity is known as a proxy, and they vote in accordance with your instructions.

Proxy voting is a fundamental right for shareholders, but it is often underutilized. Many investors do not attend shareholder meetings or do not have the time or resources to cast their votes by mail. solves this problem by providing a convenient and secure platform for investors to vote on important issues.

How Does Work?

To vote on, you will need your control number, which is a unique identifier assigned to you by your broker or mutual fund company. You can find your control number on your proxy card or voting instruction form.

Once you have your control number, you can go to and enter it into the designated field. You will then be guided through the voting process, where you can review the issues up for vote and cast your ballot. You can also view the proxy statement, which provides important information about the issues and the candidates running for the board of directors. ensures the privacy and security of your vote through various measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication. The platform also provides a digital receipt confirming that your vote has been received and recorded.

Why Use

There are several benefits to using to vote by proxy. Firstly, it is a convenient and efficient way to have your voice heard without having to attend the shareholder meeting in person. Secondly, it ensures that your vote is counted, even if you are unable to attend the meeting or cast your vote by mail. Thirdly, it allows you to make informed decisions by providing access to important information about the issues and candidates up for vote.

Moreover, by using, you can exercise your rights as a shareholder and have a say in the future direction of the organization. Your vote can impact the appointment of board members, the approval of mergers and acquisitions, and other important decisions that affect the company's growth and profitability.

Conclusion is a valuable tool for investors who want to have their voice heard at shareholder meetings but are unable to attend in person. It provides a secure and convenient platform for voting by proxy, ensuring that your views are represented and your vote is counted. By using, investors can exercise their rights as shareholders and make informed decisions about the future of the organizations they have invested in.