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proxy ameritas com

Ameritas Mutual Holding Company is a trusted financial institution that offers a variety of financial products and services to its members. As a member of Ameritas, you have the privilege of exercising your voting rights by casting your vote for the board of directors nominees. Your vote is crucial, and it can help shape the future of the company.

To cast your vote, you must have your 12-digit control number, which was provided to you in the proxy notice letter from Ameritas. The company offers convenient online and telephone voting options that are available 24 hours a day. You must cast your vote at least five (5) days prior to the May 8, 2023 annual meeting of members.

Ameritas understands the importance of technology and its role in simplifying processes for its members. Starting in 2024, the company will be going paperless and providing the annual member meeting and proxy voting information via email. By providing your email address, you are not only helping the company make this change, but also contributing to the Ameritas Charitable Foundation. Ameritas will donate $1 to the foundation for every email address provided.

Online voting is a simple and quick process that takes only a few moments of your time. You should read the proxy documents carefully before casting your vote. Once you are ready to vote, click the vote button and enter your control number. Then, you can make your selections by checking one box for each nominee and clicking confirm.

As a member, you may have questions about the voting process, and Ameritas is ready to answer them. You may be wondering who the board of directors are, how to vote, or whether your vote will be secure and confidential. Ameritas has provided answers to these and many other questions on its website.

For example, if you are unsure who the board of directors are, you can find their bios on the website. You can also learn about the proxy documents, including the proxy notice, proxy card, proxy statement, CEO letter, and board bios. In addition, you can search for documents, download them, or print them.

You may also be interested in registering your Ameritas account online. By doing so, you can manage your retirement plan, annuity, life insurance, and disability accounts online. This helps keep your account secure from fraud while allowing you to go paperless. You can review account statements and pay premiums, update your contact information, beneficiaries, and more.

Ameritas also offers the Life Lessons scholarship program, which allows you to participate in the review of a narrowed field of applicants and vote for a deserving recipient. The program is designed for college students and college-bound high school seniors to share their experiences about the importance of having life insurance coverage for their family.

In conclusion, Ameritas Mutual Holding Company values its members and appreciates their participation in the voting process. Your vote is crucial, and the company ensures that the process is secure and confidential. The company is also committed to making the voting process easier for its members by going paperless and providing online voting options. By registering your Ameritas account online, you can help keep your account secure while enjoying the convenience of managing your finances online.