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oskarstalberg com

Oskar Stålberg is a Swedish artist and game developer who has made a name for himself through his visually stunning and innovative game designs. His website,, showcases his artwork and offers visitors the opportunity to play some of his games.

Stålberg's games are notable for their unique art styles, which often incorporate geometric shapes and vibrant colors. His Brick Block game, which is playable on his website, is a perfect example of this. The game is simple in concept – players must stack blocks to create a tower – but it is visually striking, with each block made up of small geometric shapes that are pleasing to the eye. The game has a retro feel, reminiscent of the classic Tetris game, but Stålberg's art style gives it a modern twist.

Another of Stålberg's games that is available on his website is the Polygonal Planet Project, which is a study in tilesets. The game allows players to explore a planet made up of polygonal shapes, which are arranged in intricate patterns to create a visually stunning landscape. The game is a testament to Stålberg's skill as an artist, as the tilesets are intricately designed and beautifully rendered.

In addition to his games, Stålberg's website also features some of his artwork, which is equally impressive. His use of geometric shapes and bold colors is evident in many of his pieces, which range from abstract designs to more figurative works. One standout piece is a series of drawings of animals, which are made up of a series of overlapping circles. The drawings are simple, yet striking, and showcase Stålberg's ability to create powerful imagery with minimal elements.

Stålberg's website also provides visitors with a glimpse into his life outside of game development and art. In addition to sharing his creative work, Stålberg often posts photos from his travels and adventures, offering a glimpse into his personal life. These photos include stunning landscapes from his travels around the world, as well as snapshots of his daily life in Sweden.

Overall, is a must-visit website for anyone interested in game development or art. Stålberg's unique style and innovative approach to game design make his games a joy to play, while his artwork is visually stunning and thought-provoking. The website also offers a glimpse into the life of the artist, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable online destination.