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medicine shortages com au

Medicine shortages are a significant issue in Australia, affecting patients, pharmacists, and the entire healthcare system. The Albanese Labor Government’s decision to implement 60-day dispensing for prescription medicines is likely to exacerbate the problem. As a result, 400 drugs are currently on the critical shortage list, and 20% of these will be out of stock now that dispensing limits have been increased by the government. This means that many essential medicines may no longer be available in pharmacies.

For two years now, Australia has experienced medicine shortages that have adversely affected regional areas and the aged care sector. Patients are increasingly being forced to go without their medications due to exhausted supplies. This is unacceptable, and the issue needs to be addressed urgently.

Access to vital medicines should be a right, not a privilege. The government’s plan to give extra medicines to patients via 60-day dispensing will make medicine shortages worse, and more Australians will go without. This will compromise the health of our most vulnerable citizens, further straining our already overburdened hospital and healthcare system.

The Australian public is being called upon to demand that the Albanese Labor Government doesn't mess with medicine supply and to ensure prescription medicines are available to those who rely on them. The issue affects all Australians, including regional and rural communities, aged care facilities, and vulnerable patients.

The first step to addressing the issue is to sign the petition that demands government action to end prescription medicine shortages. The petition currently has 20,418 signatures, and the aim is to reach 50,000. By signing the petition, you may receive communications about how you can help with the campaign.

Another way to take action is by contacting your local MP about the issue. Australians should not be denied their medication. You can send a letter to your MP and demand action on the medicines shortage by entering your postcode for MP details. The letter should express your concerns about the ongoing shortages of prescription medicines in Australia and the impact they are having on vulnerable citizens.

Moreover, sharing your story about the shortage and its effects is also a powerful way to influence the government to ensure that medicines are always available. Your story can help raise awareness of the issue and its impact on patients, pharmacists, and the healthcare system.

In conclusion, medicine shortages are a critical issue that affects all Australians, and urgent action is needed to address it. The Albanese Labor Government must reverse its decision to give extra medicines to patients via 60-day dispensing, which will make medicine shortages worse. Access to vital medicines should be a right, not a privilege, and we need to ensure that prescription medicines are always available to those who rely on them. By signing the petition, contacting your local MP, and sharing your story, you can help make a difference and ensure that all Australians have access to the vital medicines they need.