Skip to main content is an online footwear and apparel selling platform that has been providing quality products from renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, and New Balance for over 13 years. Based in Hong Kong, Kickscrew has made a name for itself in the global sneaker resale market, and its products are shipped to customers worldwide, with an average shipping cost of $20 to $50. However, is Kickscrew legit, and is it safe to buy from this website? In this article, we will explore the legitimacy of Kickscrew and provide tips for buyers.

Firstly, Kickscrew is a legitimate B2B2C e-commerce website to purchase sneakers from popular brands. It has a massive online presence and has completed 13 years in the e-commerce industry. As per TechCrunch’s claim, Kickscrew recently raised $6 million from different investors to increase its foothold in the US sneaker market. The platform also has a good social media presence with 1 million followers and a verified profile on Instagram, which shows people’s trust in this e-commerce startup.

When you purchase from Kickscrew, the process is straightforward. The platform has partnered with verified sellers to fulfill their customers' demands. When the buyer places an order, the seller or supplier delivers the requested product, and it is then available in inventory to Kickscrew quality control for review. A team of quality control experts verifies the product quality, material, sizing, and color as per the order details. If the item qualifies for the quality control review, it gets verified status and is passed to the courier company, which delivers the product to the customer.

However, it is essential to consider some things before placing an order on Kickscrew. Firstly, the refund and exchange process is complicated. Refunds and exchanges should be requested within seven days of receiving the product, and the item, verification tag, and box should be in their original condition. Initial shipping charges and 15% of the transaction charges will apply upon successful refund. Kickscrew will also only exchange items once for a valid reason, and the buyer will pay the exchange expenses, including shipping and price difference. Additionally, Kickscrew takes 2 to 3 weeks margin for delivering the ordered item, and shipping charges will be non-refundable in case the item is returned due to local import and customs policies.

In conclusion, Kickscrew is a legitimate platform to purchase sneakers and apparel from popular brands. Its online presence and investor backing show that the website is safe to use. However, the refund and exchange process is complicated, and buyers should be aware of the delivery time and charges before placing an order.