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Many people dream of working from home and getting paid to do something they love, like watching movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, scammers often take advantage of these desires by creating fake job listings and websites that promise easy money. One such website is, which claims to offer a job as a Netflix video tagger.

A Netflix video tagger is someone who watches movies and TV shows on the streaming platform and categorizes them according to different criteria, such as genre, cast, language, or even profanity. This job is real, but is not. In fact, it is a scam designed to steal personal information from unsuspecting job seekers.

One red flag is that was recently registered in March 2023, according to It is less than a month old, which makes it highly unlikely that anyone has already earned thousands of dollars from it, as claimed by some social media posts. Moreover, is not affiliated with Netflix in any way. The only official website for Netflix job applications is Any other website claiming to offer Netflix jobs is likely a scam. was formerly known as, and before that, These websites have similar designs to the official Netflix website to deceive people into thinking they are legitimate. When you click on "Apply Now," you are asked to submit personal information such as your name, address, email address, and Social Security number. This information can be used by scammers to commit cybercrimes or identity theft. Therefore, it is best not to submit any personal data on or any other suspicious website.

If you want to become a Netflix video tagger, you must be at least 18 years old and have appropriate qualifications, such as a background in screenplay, film studies, or related fields. You must also go through an initial screening process that tests your knowledge and passion for the job. However, most positions of this nature are part-time opportunities on Netflix.

The exact salary for a Netflix tagger varies based on experience and other factors, but it is estimated to be between $25 and $30 per hour. While this may seem like easy money, keep in mind that real jobs require real skills and effort. Scammers often prey on people's desire for easy money and promise unrealistic salaries without any qualifications or experience.

In conclusion, is a Netflix video tagger scam that preys on job seekers' desire for easy money. It is not affiliated with Netflix in any way, and any personal information submitted on the website can be used for cybercrimes or identity theft. If you want to become a Netflix video tagger, keep an eye on the official Netflix website for job listings and go through the appropriate screening process. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.