Skip to main content golf is a leading sports website that covers a variety of sports, including golf. The golf section of provides up-to-date information on golf news, scores, rankings, schedules, stats, and standings. Additionally, the website offers a platform to watch live coverage of the PGA TOUR and The Masters Tournament, among other golf events.

One of the most prominent features of's golf section is its leaderboard, which displays the current rankings of players in a specific golf tournament. The leaderboard is updated in real-time and provides information on the player's name, score, and number of holes played. The leaderboard is a useful tool for golf enthusiasts to keep track of their favorite players and follow the progress of a golf tournament.

Another exciting feature of's golf section is the "How to Watch PGA TOUR" guide. This guide provides information on how to watch the PGA TOUR live on ESPN and other platforms. It also includes a schedule of upcoming golf events and their respective television channels. The guide is a valuable resource for golf fans who want to watch live coverage of their favorite golf tournaments.

ESPN+ is another significant addition to's golf section. ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming service that provides access to live sports events, including golf tournaments. With ESPN+, golf enthusiasts can watch live coverage of the PGA TOUR and other golf events, as well as access replays, highlights, and analysis.

The golf section of also features podcasts, including the popular "Matty & The Caddie Podcast," which provides expert analysis, insights, and predictions on the latest golf news and tournaments. The podcast is hosted by ESPN's Matt Barrie and caddie Michael Collins and is an entertaining and informative resource for golf enthusiasts.

Overall,'s golf section is a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for golf fans. The website provides up-to-date information on the latest golf news, scores, rankings, schedules, stats, and standings, as well as a platform to watch live coverage of golf tournaments. Additionally, the website offers valuable resources such as the "How to Watch PGA TOUR" guide and the ESPN+ subscription service, which provides access to live golf events and other exclusive content. With its impressive features and resources,'s golf section is a must-visit for any golf fan.