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envisionreports com att Your Guide to the 2023 AT&T Inc. Annual Meeting

As a stockholder of AT&T Inc., it is important to stay informed about the company's performance and decisions. One of the ways to do this is by attending the annual meeting, where important matters are discussed, and shareholders are given the opportunity to vote on crucial issues that affect the company. is the platform where you can access all the necessary information for the 2023 AT&T Inc. Annual Meeting.

Home Page

The home page serves as the gateway to all the essential information about the annual meeting. It features a banner image that showcases the upcoming event's date, time, and location. The site also provides a direct link to, the virtual venue for the meeting.

Meeting Documents

The Meeting Documents section of provides access to the Proxy Statement and Annual Report, which contain all the important information that stockholders need to know before voting. It is highly recommended to review these documents thoroughly to make informed decisions.

Proxy Statement: The Proxy Statement contains details about the proposals up for voting, such as electing board members, approving executive compensation, and making changes to the company's bylaws. It also provides an overview of the company's financial performance, governance policies, and shareholder rights.

Annual Report: The Annual Report offers a comprehensive summary of AT&T Inc.'s operations, achievements, and challenges over the past year. It includes financial statements, management's discussion and analysis, and information on the company's strategic priorities, innovation initiatives, and corporate responsibility efforts.

Meeting Info

The Meeting Info section of contains all the details about the 2023 AT&T Inc. Annual Meeting, such as the date, time, and location. Since the meeting will be held virtually, stockholders can attend it from anywhere in the world by accessing the link provided on the site.

Stockholders who held AT&T Inc. common stock as of March 20, 2023, are entitled to vote at the meeting and any adjournment of the meeting. They can submit their votes online before the meeting or request materials if they prefer to vote by mail. Electronic votes must be received before the polls close on May 18, 2023.

Conclusion is a valuable resource for stockholders of AT&T Inc. who want to stay informed and participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting. By reviewing the Proxy Statement and Annual Report, attending the virtual meeting, and voting on crucial issues, stockholders can have a say in the company's direction and contribute to its success. provides a convenient and user-friendly platform to access all the necessary information for this important event.