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dazzlinga shop is an online store that claims to offer a wide range of clothing items at discounted prices. However, this store is facing questions about its legitimacy and the quality of the items it sells. Upon investigation, it is found that the store is owned by Fadel-Beatty Ltd, a company with a poor reputation online, and the website has no functional customer support, including email or phone number. The discounts offered on the website are unrealistic and used to lure customers in, and the website lacks essential security measures like McAfee or Norton.

One of the most significant drawbacks of the store is that it lacks transparency about its physical location. While it claims to be a UK-based company, it is not physically located in England, and most of the products come from China. Additionally, the website is not secured with any security protocols, making it vulnerable to hackers.

The website offers various payment methods, including debit and credit cards. Customers have a 14-day return window and free shipping on orders over £40. However, customer reviews suggest that the products offered on the website are substandard and not worth the money.

Therefore, it is clear that is not a legitimate or trustworthy online store. It follows the typical pattern of fraudulent e-commerce stores that entice customers with low prices and then deliver substandard products. Additionally, using PayPal as a payment method does not guarantee a quick refund, as some of these stores exploit the system and use fake tracking numbers to make it difficult for customers to dispute the transaction.

To avoid getting scammed, it is important to be cautious while shopping online. One of the most critical factors to consider is the domain age of the website. It is also essential to check the physical location and return address of the website, as well as reviews from previous customers. If there are no customer reviews, it is advisable to wait or send a query to the website's customer support to gauge their response.

In conclusion, customers should avoid shopping from, as it is not a reliable or legitimate online store. The company has a poor reputation online, and its website lacks essential security measures and customer support. Therefore, customers risk losing their money or receiving substandard products.