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Creative Society is a global initiative focused on transforming our current consumerist society to a creative one. The idea of Creative Society originated from the international conference, "Society: The Last Chance" that brought people from different parts of the world to discuss the challenges facing modern civilization. The conference concluded that the main problem of contemporary humanity is the consumerist format of society, and the only way out of the current dead-end situation is to transition to a creative format of society.

Creative Society aims to provide a future without wars, conflicts, violence, and hunger, ensure decent life for people worldwide, and eliminate fear for the present and future. The project has been initiated precisely for the entire world to envision and work towards a creative society and unite for this goal. Participants of the project advocate implementing the eight pillars of the Creative Society in all countries of the world for the benefit of all people.

The Creative Society logo consists of three elements: number 8, a triangle, and a circle with an upward arrow. The number 8 is a symbol of perfection, order, and completeness, representing the eight pillars of the Creative Society. The triangle symbolizes the ascent to a new stage, a stage of human unity, prosperity, and continuous development of each person, improving the quality of life. The circle with an upward arrow represents a united upward movement of humanity towards a perfect Ideal Society of free people.

The eight pillars of the Creative Society are as follows:

Human Life - Human life is the highest value, and society must ensure and guarantee the value of each person's life.

Human Freedom - Human freedom is a fundamental right, and society should guarantee conditions for its implementation.

Human Safety - Society must ensure human safety from any threat, both global and local.

Transparency and openness of information for all - The media should provide reliable information to the public.

The Creative Ideology - The basis of the Creative Society is the priority of the spiritual and moral development of humanity.

Development of Personality - The Creative Society aims to develop the creative potential of every individual.

Justice and equality - Society should provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their social status, gender, nationality, religion, or political beliefs.

Self-Governance Society - Society should be self-governed and ensure the fulfillment of its functions to meet the needs of its citizens.

Creative Society is an open project that encourages anyone to join and support its initiative. The website provides various resources, such as articles, news, and videos, to educate and inform people about the project. The project has also organized international forums, including climate and cultural forums, to bring people together to discuss the challenges facing our society and to find solutions.

The project encourages people to act now and start implementing the eight pillars of the Creative Society in their communities. The project has also launched a radio program that discusses various topics related to the project, such as spirituality, society, and the future of humanity. The project also has a strong social media presence on Twitter and Telegram, where people can join the conversation and stay updated on the latest news and events.

In conclusion, Creative Society is an ambitious global initiative that aims to transform our current consumerist society to a creative one. The project's eight pillars serve as a guide for society to ensure human life, freedom, safety, justice, and self-governance. The project welcomes everyone to join and support its initiative to build a future without wars, conflicts, violence, and hunger, where everyone can live in peace and prosperity.