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coveragemap com is a community-driven coverage map that allows consumers to compare cellular coverage in the U.S. like never before. With a powerful and easy-to-use interface, is revolutionizing the way consumers view and compare coverage data.

Partners is proud to partner with trusted companies like and to bring you the best possible experience. is a free speed test app that accurately measures network performance, while is a cell phone plan comparison website that helps consumers save money on their cell phone bill.

Pricing is free to use for all consumers. Simply create a free account and start comparing coverage in your area. The site does not require any payment, and there are no hidden fees.

Guides provides helpful guides to help users get the most out of the site. From how to upload speed tests to how to use advanced map coloring, provides detailed instructions to help users make the most of the site.


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Launch Map

The Launch Map is a powerful tool that allows users to compare coverage, data speeds, latency, and signal strength of all major cellular networks in the U.S. The map updates in real-time as community members upload data, helping everyone get a clearer picture of what coverage is truly like.

Compare Cellular Coverage Like Never Before allows users to filter by download speeds, upload speeds, ping, 5G, LTE, or SA. The beautiful map coloring options make data understandable at a glance, and users can filter by minimum and maximum download and upload speed thresholds to see only the data that meets their criteria.

Maps for Download, Upload, and Latency

Get a true sense of network performance in your area with's maps for download, upload, and latency. These maps allow users to see exactly how their network is performing in their area.

Helpful Map Colors's default and heat map color options make it easy to compare performance. The Best Network view allows users to see the best network in any area with a single click.

Signal Strength Map uses publicly available data from the FCC to create a custom signal strength map. This map displays more data than the FCC map and resizes beautifully for easy viewing.

How Works works by having community members contribute data to the project. Users can upload their speed tests to by dragging and dropping a CSV file into the uploader. The map updates in real-time as community members upload data, providing a clear and accurate picture of network performance.

In conclusion, is a unique and powerful coverage map that provides users with an easy-to-use interface and powerful features. With maps for download, upload, and latency, helpful map colors, and a custom signal strength map, provides users with a complete picture of network performance. And with a community-driven approach, is constantly updated with the latest coverage data, ensuring that users always have the most accurate information.