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Managing diabetes requires frequent blood glucose testing, which can be costly for many patients. offers an easy solution to save money on testing supplies with their co-pay savings card. Privately-insured patients can save every month on Contour Next test strips by downloading the free card from the website. The card also includes a coupon for a free Contour Next One meter, making it easier for patients to start testing their blood glucose levels.

To register for the ContourChoice co-pay savings card, eligible privately-insured patients can simply fill out the online form provided on the website. The form requires basic information, such as the patient’s name, contact information, and type of diabetes. Patients will also be asked how many times per day they test their blood glucose levels and how they control their diabetes. This information is used to provide tailored customer service and support for patients.

Patients who are cash-paying may also be eligible to save on their testing supplies with the co-pay savings card. Cash patients pay the first $25 and can save up to $66 on 100-count test strips. However, it’s important to note that patients are responsible for any remaining balance after the discount is applied, and they must pay all applicable taxes and fees.

Once patients have downloaded the co-pay savings card, they can bring it to their preferred pharmacy to check for savings. There is no activation required for the card, and patients can use it for up to 12 uses through 12/31/2022. The amount of savings may vary based on the patient’s prescription quantity and insurance coverage.

It’s important to note that the ContourChoice co-pay savings card is not valid for prescriptions reimbursed under Medicaid, Medicare drug benefit plan, Tricare, or other federal or state health programs. Patients who are eligible for drug benefits under any such program are not eligible for the card. Additionally, cash discount cards and other non-insurance plans are not valid as primary under this offer. Patients can visit for additional details and restrictions.

In addition to the co-pay savings card, also offers information on buying test strips over the counter, which may be cheaper for some patients. The website also provides a list of commonly asked questions for quick answers and support.

Ascensia Diabetes Care, the company behind, is committed to providing innovative solutions for diabetes management. The company offers a range of blood glucose monitoring systems and continuous glucose monitoring systems, including the Eversense CGM system. Patients can also contact customer service for additional support and information.

In conclusion, the ContourChoice co-pay savings card is a valuable resource for eligible patients who are looking to save on their diabetes testing supplies. Patients can easily register for the card on and start saving every month on Contour Next test strips. Additionally, the website provides helpful information on buying test strips over the counter and support for patients managing diabetes.