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Cloudera, a leading data management and analytics company, has been named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems. This recognition highlights Cloudera’s commitment to providing a hybrid, multi-cloud data platform that enables businesses to confidently tackle their toughest data challenges.

With, businesses can modernize their data stack with an open data lakehouse powered by Apache Iceberg, which provides an open and scalable architecture designed for speed, efficiency, and security. The platform also optimizes cloud investments by enabling work across multi-cloud and on-premises environments with ultimate flexibility, using the world’s first hybrid data platform built for interoperability and cost-effectiveness.

One of the key advantages of Cloudera is its ability to manage data movement with ultimate flexibility. The platform offers secure and automated portability of data and workloads, making it easy to move data or projects from cloud to cloud or from on-premises to any cloud and vice versa.

In addition to its data management capabilities, Cloudera offers comprehensive security and governance through its Shared Data Experience (SDX), which provides unified security and governance on open and cloud-native storage formats. This enables businesses to enable a comprehensive data fabric with a unified security and governance framework that can be applied across all of their data assets.

Cloudera's open data lakehouse architecture and hybrid data platform have been adopted by numerous businesses across different industries. For example, Regions Bank, a US-based financial services company, uses Cloudera to drive its data-driven banking and wealth management initiatives.

Cloudera has also been adopted by businesses in the telecommunications, public sector, retail and consumer goods, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences industries. This broad adoption is a testament to the platform's flexibility and scalability, which enables businesses of all sizes and across different industries to manage and analyze their data effectively.

Cloudera offers a range of products and solutions that enable businesses to ingest, prepare, analyze, predict, and publish their data. The platform also provides streaming and data flow capabilities, which enable businesses to connect to any data source with any structure across clouds or hybrid environments and deliver anywhere. Businesses can process critical business events to any destination in real-time for immediate response.

Overall, Cloudera is a robust and reliable data management and analytics platform that offers businesses a comprehensive solution for their data needs. Its hybrid, multi-cloud data platform, open data lakehouse architecture, and comprehensive security and governance framework make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage and analyze their data with confidence.