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booksy com is an online booking and scheduling platform that connects customers with local businesses. It provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to manage their appointments and for customers to easily book services from their preferred providers.

One of the key features of Booksy is its "List Your Business" option. This allows business owners to create a profile for their business, which includes information about their services, location, hours of operation, pricing, and customer reviews. By listing their business on Booksy, they can reach a wider audience and attract new customers who are looking for the services they offer.

However, listing your business on Booksy requires bravery. This is because you are opening your business up to public scrutiny, and anyone can leave a review of your services. While this can be intimidating, it is also an opportunity to showcase the quality of your services and build a loyal customer base.

The customer reviews on Booksy are an important factor in attracting new customers. When someone is looking for a specific service, they often turn to online reviews to help them make their decision. By having positive reviews on Booksy, your business is more likely to be chosen by potential customers.

For example, businesses like Dapper Barbers in Bournemouth, England, have received glowing reviews from customers on Booksy. With a rating of 4.9 and 581 reviews, Dapper Barbers is one of the top-rated barbershops in the area. This is a testament to the quality of their services and the positive experiences their customers have had.

In addition to its customer reviews, Booksy also offers a range of helpful articles and tips on its website. For example, they provide advice on how to get shinier hair, how to avoid and treat shaving rash, and how to treat dry hands. These articles demonstrate Booksy's commitment to providing helpful resources for its customers.

Booksy is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it offers two apps: the Booksy app for customers and the BooksyBiz app for business owners. The customer app allows users to search for and book services from local businesses, while the business app provides a range of tools for managing appointments, scheduling, and payments.

In conclusion, Booksy is an excellent platform for businesses to list their services and attract new customers. By being brave and listing your business on Booksy, you can showcase the quality of your services and build a loyal customer base. With its helpful resources and user-friendly apps, Booksy is a valuable tool for both customers and business owners.