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The Last of Us Episode 6: The Firefly Lab - A Tense and Emotional Conclusion to Season 1

ending the last of us

Episode 6 of "The Last of Us" television series, titled "The Firefly Lab," is the final episode of the first season. It is an adaptation of the final act of the video game, where Joel and Ellie arrive at the Firefly's lab to extract a possible cure from Ellie's infected brain.

In the episode, Joel and Ellie make their way to the Firefly's lab, where they are met by a group of doctors and guards who are preparing Ellie for the procedure. However, Joel discovers that the procedure would kill Ellie, and he refuses to let her go through with it. He kills the doctors and guards in the lab and rescues Ellie.

As they attempt to leave the lab, they are confronted by Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies. Marlene reveals that Ellie is immune to the virus, and that her sacrifice is necessary to create a vaccine that could save humanity. Joel, unwilling to let Ellie die, kills Marlene and escapes with Ellie.

The episode ends several weeks later, with Joel and Ellie settling into a new life in Tommy's settlement. Ellie questions Joel about what happened at the lab, and he lies to her, telling her that there were no other options and that the cure could not be created. Ellie seems to believe Joel's story, but the episode ends with her looking at Joel with a hint of uncertainty in her eyes.

Overall, Episode 6 of "The Last of Us" television series is a tense and emotional conclusion to the first season, with Joel and Ellie facing difficult moral choices and dealing with the consequences of their actions. It sets up the possibility for future conflict and development of their relationship in the upcoming seasons.

Is joel going to die ?

No, Joel does not die in Episode 6 of "The Last of Us" television series. The episode follows Joel and Ellie as they travel to the Firefly's lab, where Ellie is set to undergo a procedure to extract a possible cure from her infected brain. While Joel does face some dangerous situations and fights off enemies, he ultimately survives the episode and escapes with Ellie.

It is worth noting that the future of Joel's character in the television series is unknown, as the creators of the show have not revealed any information about upcoming seasons or episodes. However, based on the events of Episode 6, Joel's survival is confirmed at the end of the first season.

Who will help Ellie ?

Throughout the episode, Joel is the one who protects Ellie and helps her escape from dangerous situations. He is the one who makes the difficult decision to prioritize Ellie's life over the possibility of a cure for the virus.

While other characters do appear in the episode, such as the doctors and guards in the lab and Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, it is ultimately Joel who is the primary character helping Ellie. (cg/oa)

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