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Tenoch Huerta (Namor Actor) in Black Panther 2 – Biography And Facts

tenoch huerta namor movie and facts
Tenoch Huearta (Namor Actor)

Marvel Cinematic Universe has not slept in 2022. There are many announcements highlighting new movie releases, including the long-awaited Black Panther 2. With the title Black panter 2 Wakanda Forever, a new name has appeared on the internet, Tenoch Huerta as Namor. How good is he? Here are Tenoch Huerta (Namor Actor) – Biography And Facts.

Mexican Actor Born With Tons Of Potentials 

Huerta who is known for some Netflix series roles is a famous TV celebrity born in Mexico. Being born on January 29, 1981, the man has nailed his name in some Latin America and Spain movies. To appreciate his work and career footprint, you can even find his name in Monica Maristain's book 30 Actors Made in Mexico. 

His name itself has already told how good he doing in the entertainment world. But, he is also a person that has been studying on acting course since young. It is also a great pinpoint to say that the man also studied with other famous names, such as Luis Felipe Tovar and Carlos Torres Torrija. But is he worth the crucial role in Black Panther 2? 

The honor to be the main villain in the Marvel movie is not without reason. You can find his name as part of the Netflix projects and series such as Narcos: Mexico and The Forever Purge. Not only that, based on the Tenoch Huerta (Namor Actor) – Biography And Facts, the man was also awarded the Best Actor At the short film festival in Mexico City.

$ 2 Million Net Worth Actor 

Per Reports in Forbes, Business insider, and Wikipedia, the man itself is a budding actor. With his long actor and career, Tenoch Huerta has amassed a net worth of around $2 million. Surely, the number proves that the man has a successful career as an actor. He even got five nominations for Ariel Award and won Best actor in 2012. 

The Next Antihero Of Black Panther 2

The information was started from a rumor in 2021, which said that the actor left Mexico for Wakanda. Reportedly, the new poster of Black Panther 2 has proven true. Tenoch Huerta (Namor Actor) – Biography And Facts show that the man who gets the honor to play Namor is the superhero son of Atlantis, which later be the T'Challa's archnemesis. 

Huerta's character is a solid antihero with mutant ability. With his power, Namor's ambition to protect his kingdom makes him the bad guy and also the first anti-hero in the comic. With that plot, the man eventually has to fight the Kingdom of Wakanda. This is the basics of the story of the sequel.     

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Fighting Racism With Learning New Language For The New Role

Being a Mexican instead of Greece, make Huerta face a lot of racism. With that back story, the actor mentioned that he had to erase his linguistic identity to fit into the new world. He highlights that ethnicity makes a bad stereotype that affects his role. But he is willing to learn to show his commitment to the role, as said in many Tenoch Huerta (Namor Actor) – Biography And Facts.   

With the heartbreaking fall of the previous Wakanda King's actor, Chadwick Boseman, many people said that the story is dead. Nothing to expect. But the MCU is not ended, it is proven by the announcement of Black Panther 2 with Tenoch Huerta as the Antihero. Seeing his memorable act in Narcos, it is worth waiting for how Huerta can embody the role.   

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