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Who is the Strongest Avenger? Here’s The Answer According to Comic Book and Film

To date, there are already various characters that have been introduced by Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout the years, including the powerful lineup of The Avengers. This makes a significant question that arises frequently amongst fans: who is the strongest Avenger amongst all?

srongest avenger scarlet witch vs captain marvel
Who is the strongest Avenger?

One figure that’s repeatedly mentioned when this point is brought up is Wanda Maximoff, more known as the Scarlet Witch. What exactly makes the Scarlet Witch deemed as the most potent Avenger? Here is the list of her most wonderful powers.

Hex Powers (Chaos Magic)

At the beginning of WandaVision, the viewers were being shown how Wanda’s power’s ascending to an entirely new level – as she created a reality bubble in the shape of Hexagon. Within the “Hex” she was able to make people take a part in her delusion based on the classic sitcom. 

MCU originally avoided calling Wanda’s powers magic. However now, they have arranged the story, to follow the story of Tony Stark’s bomb salvation.


Although it has never been explained clearly in the MCU, Scarlet Witch’s telekinesis ability is so powerful that it’s able to tear apart the Mind Stone on Infinity War movie. Telekinesis is commonly known as the ability to move objects by the mind only, but Wanda’s ability works rather differently.

During the great battle of Endgame, her strength is enough to face off Mad Titan, until he’s forced to call airstrike to take on her. This is one of the prominent pieces of evidence that Wanda is possibly the most powerful avenger.


Aside from being used during her first appearance – in Age of Ultron, where she seized the Avengers inside nightmares, Wanda’s telepathy was never shown to be utilized to the maximum potential. In this movie, she pried into the mind of the villain, only to find out his plan to wreck the world. This led to her finally join forces with the Avengers. 

Wanda’s telepathy might be used to control Westview’s citizens during WandaVision. It’s also possible that she spelled cast to alternate the reality. Either way, it was the same technique as on Agatha Harkness on Endgame and the Avengers.

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Doctor Strange vs Scarlett Witch

The abilities of Scarlet Witch have never been clearly stated or laid out in a detailed explanation in the MCU. 

However, from what the viewers have seen already, her telekinesis and telepathy powers are really powerful. 

Even her reality-warping ability is enough to put her as one of the characters mentioned when the question of who is the strongest Avenger is being asked.

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