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Simple Guide on How to Become Actor Sims 4

There are tons of things you can do and explore in the game The Sims 4 Get Famous. One of them is to work as an actor. The guide below will show you how to become actor Sims 4 in three easy steps. It will open the way for you to get your name on Del Sol Valley’s walk of fame as a renowned star.

Becoming an actor is one of the best ways to get into stardom and climb your way to the top in this game. Without further ado, here are the steps to get into an acting career in the Sims 4.

tutorial to be an actor in sims 4 game
Sims 4

Select the career

Working as an actor and getting an acting job is started with choosing a career. Use the phone to discover the Acting job. After you have joined this particular career, you need to choose your representative agency. As your Sims gets promotions and becomes more popular, you will be able to have more options of representative agencies – but in the beginning, you can only choose from two options.


To land an acting gig in the Sims, then you need to attend an audition for roles. To get into an audition, open the job panel, then search auditions by picking the icon of the clipboard. Within the menu of auditions, you’ll get information about the gig type, pay range, along with the time and date of the audition. You’ll also be provided with skills recommendations for an audition, so you may choose one based on your character’s fulfilled skills.


Your Sim will land a gig after they pass the audition. The next thing to do is prepare for the obtained role. Open the job panel and check what tasks should be done before the filming starts. Never ignore the tasks, as they will be determinant whether you will be successful in doing the gig or not. You need to complete all of the goals before the filming crews begin the production, as the goals will be gone once it has begun. As the result, you cannot complete the gig at the level of gold.

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After the Sim character has done all the scenes for the film production, the cameras will stop recording.

This marks the finish of the primary goal of the production, the end purpose of all the steps on how to become actor Sims 4 above.

After that, you’ll be provided with information about how much fame and money that the character has earned.

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