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How to Become an Actor in Hollywood from India? It’s Not Easy, but there’s Hope for You

Working in the spotlight of Bollywood is surely a thing that not all people can do. You must know these prominent names: Priyanka Chopra, Suraj Sharma, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, right? All of them are good actors who don’t stop their dream only after they hit the national level. They sure have talent, but how to become an actor in Hollywood from India?

Well, all of them have one thing in common: they are great actors, which require consistent training to make themselves excellent in playing roles. However, aside from that, there are many other ‘tasks’ to be done to make yourself a shining, potential, Indian Hollywood actor.

can indian actor go to hollywood movie
How to become Hollywood actor from India?

Move to the States

Well, the three figures mentioned earlier started their way, not in the homeland. After all, as many people said, to catch the fish you need to go to a place where it has fish. To catch a chance being a Hollywood actor, you need to move where it has Hollywood: which is the States.

Make sure to be physically and mentally ready (and financially, too!)

Unless you have a fixed sponsor to support you, you should self-backup your needs. You may even need to start low by applying for part-time jobs while hustling looking for a chance to ‘infiltrate’ the industry. Since you’ll be busier than ever, you should also have your psyche in a healthy state. Physical health is the root of this all. 

Hunt for auditions

Auditions are the great key to have yourself involved in a Hollywood movie. Make sure to keep yourself updated for any auditions, and manage yourself to get into it. If possible, you should try to get auditioned as frequently as you can. For the first time, you may not get a big role—but that’s the only way to get yourself acquainted with the industry. Plus, you can know what the ‘employer’ needs.

Excel your English

This is a bit difficult to train—but at least you should try to better your pronunciation to lessen the accent you are involving in your speech. The better your English, then you can communicate better and hence you can get a better chance to work in Hollywood.

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Never stop training

You may be tired after attending an audition, but it’d be better to keep your skill polished daily. Have a fellow friend to feedback your acting skills. If there isn’t any, you can rely on a mirror. Investing your time and money in online training will help you gain more knowledge about acting as well.

At the end of the day, these answers of ‘how to become an actor in Hollywood from India’ will only help you if you are seriously doing it. Otherwise, it can be difficult to stand in as an Indian newcomer actor—you know many people dream of getting that position too.

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