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How to Become an Actor at 9 Years Old without any Prior Acting Experience

Becoming an actor is not exactly the easiest thing to do – even for someone who’s born with a natural talent to be. As it does with another art-related career field, it is better to nurture the skills from a young age.

This article will provide a brief yet insightful guide on how to become an actor at 9 years old. Below, you can read what it takes to be a child actor, as the approach is a bit different from the adult actor.

tips best way to become actor at 9 year old
How to become kid actor?

A manager or agent

Getting a manager or agent is crucial to the success of a child actor. There are two main reasons why it’s important to sign with an agent or manager: first because they are the ones who invest in the child’s career and second because they have a connection with talent agents.


The headshot is the child actor’s color photo in the size of 8” x 10”. It is used by the casting directors to determine if they will be suitable for the available part. A headshot is especially important for someone who’s just starting. Think of it as a business card for the child actor, as it serves to provide their first impression for the casting director and open the way for them to the entertainment acting world.

Acting resume

The way a resume is built depends on the actor’s age and the length of time they have been acting. Even if the child’s professional credits are still short, it’s not a problem. The resume may also include theater productions, art school, or acting classes that they’ve attended, as well as the child’s personality.

Demo reel

A demo reel is a brief video that compiles about three to five clips of the actor’s performance on screen. The reel isn’t always required for child and beginner actors. That being said, having a demo reel with great quality may increase the opportunity of getting a role.

Audition materials

Depends on the projects, the audition processes may vary widely. However, in general, the child actor should prepare to memorize at least two short monologues they can perform. The maximum length of monologues is a minute, and it’s recommended to include dramatic to comedic monologue to display versatility.

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The key on how to become an actor at 9 years old, just like at any age, is to be at the right place at the right time. The general advice is to practice persistence, as building a career as an actor is a never-ending process. For those who have a passion for acting, the process itself can be very rewarding.

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