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Doctor Strange vs Scarlet Witch: Which One is the Most Powerful between Both?

Magic is amongst the strongest forces in the Marvel Universe. On both the comic and film, tons of storylines are centered on the mystifying world of the magical arts. At a lot of times, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch make a significant appearance in the story. Being two of the strongest creatures being on the entire universe, people can’t help but compare the power and abilities of Doctor Strange vs Scarlet Witch.

Both characters are practically incomparable since one is in a matter in Eldritch magic manipulation and one is very notable for Chaos Magic ability. However, you can dissect them both to get better ideas of their magical capabilities.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, real name Wanda Maximoff, was born as a mutant. She has the power of Chaos Magic which is highly volatile and destructive due to altered genetic structure work by Chthon. Also known as ‘Hex Powers’, this ability allows her to ‘hexed’ her enemies – an act to trap her enemies without harming them. Due to the comic book plot, she has modified the reality of the entire planet and creation by utilizing her powers.

Scarlet Witch is a natural-born witch too, hence her name. She possesses this ability due to the witch lineage on her family tree. Besides her innate powers, she is also a skilled martial artist after being mentored by Captain America in combat.

Doctor Strange

Used to be a regular medical surgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange finally discovered his life’s true calling of mastering mystic arts under the guidance of the Ancient One at Kamar Taj. Doctor Strange then acquired skills of magic and take over his teacher’s position as the Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, as the planet’s protector against unearthly and mystical beings.

Doctor Strange is experienced with every magic form. He has earned the Sorcerer Supreme title and deemed with grand reputation since 1973, according to the comic books. As the Sorcerer Supreme, he can summon any magical God, whether to accommodate him with energy or help during a battle.

All in all, many would agree that in the debate regarding Doctor Strange vs Scarlet Witch power, Scarlet Witch will be the stronger one.

She is essentially thought of as the most powerful character in MCU.

Moreover, there is also some evidence that may suggest the Sorcerer Supreme won’t even have a chance to win against Wanda if they ever face each other in battle.