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4 Not-so-easy (but Legit) Steps to Answer ‘How to Become Actor Agent’

Becoming an actor could be the dream of many. But these days, the industry is fully concentrated with many talented people.

Despite a nicely tailored actor resume that you show when auditioning, you may find it hard to get a role due to this or that thing. This is exactly where an actor agent comes to play.

If you are wondering ‘how to become actor agent?’, continue reading.

Often called ten-percenters, an actor agent gets commissioned any time they successfully connect potential clients (actors) with an acting role (gig).

That said, an active agent is quite important, especially for starter actors.

But is it that easy to become an active agent?

You must know that it’s not a day or two processes to become an active agent.

1. Know what actor agent is

It can be said that actor agents are power brokers in the industry.

They find work for actors; stewarding them to the actor’s career path, helping them develop their work, including dealing with personal branding, networking, and setting themselves to be accepted by media.

Given that they are the linking bridge with any available gigs, they set meetings for the two ends (actors and directors/producers) and negotiating the contracts between two parties.

2. How to become one

So, how to become an actor agent?

You can do these things below to pave your way to become an actor agent.

  • Earn a college degree.

It may sound crazy, but talent agencies usually require a bachelor’s degree for their applicants to have. That would be great if you got a degree in law – especially entertainment law. Some other sources say it’s OK for anyone with a different education degree, yet they should know at least about celebrity management, PR, media, and human psychology.

  • Boost your knowledge in the related field.

Be it visiting a production house, attending entertainment industry events from conventions, festivals, to screenings—broaden your knowledge in the respected field. Besides, getting your hands-on experience will help you to meet various kinds of people, too. Observe well, and always be open to new input.

  •  Work as an intern in a talent agency

This is what people say is a direct approach to learning. If you manage to have an internship in a talent agency, slowly yet sure you will know what it takes to become an actor agent. Not only knowing how to handle the contracts, but you will know how to smooth-talk and negotiating with parties related to your work.

The fourth procedure of ‘how to become actor agent?’ is to work as a professional.

When you’ve got your first-hand experience, you can work independently as a talent agent.

Most actor agents are working under the name of an agency, but if you’re confident that you can make it yourself, why not?