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How Do Actors Become Producers and Three Reasons Actors Turn to Producing

There have been a lot of questions regarding why or how do actors become producers. In some cases, the actor also happens to be the producer, and it’s not an easy task juggling these responsibilities.

Well, actors simply play a role given to themselves, while a producer is the first person to begin the production of a theatrical performance, TV show, or movie.

Although not all actors possess decent filmmaking skills, many switch to producing to gain more significant influence over their showbiz careers and the projects they are involved.

the best way on how actors become producers
How do actor become producer?

Keep oneself employed

Drew Barrymore is one of the many Hollywood actresses who become a producer. She established a production company in 1995 that, to this date, has produced several well-claimed movies in which she also has starred.

The primary reason is that longevity for women in the entertainment industry is never easy. Thus, having a production company helps those actors to keep the job opportunities coming to them.

It’s a money thing

Have you ever seen an actor in your favorite TV show credited as a producer?

There have been many speculations as to why they receive the credit. Some argue that it’s a money thing.

In a nutshell, producing is where the funds for the production are, and acting is where one will get a paycheck.

When an actor gets credit as a producer or wants to be listed as one of the producers, this usually comes with a request for a higher paycheck.

Even when the actor obtains producer credit, this is hardly ever related to the actual duties of the producer.

In other words, credit as a producer does not automatically require an actor to perform the actual tasks. However, some of them opt for this credit to gain a raise.

Make a difference

Being a producer lets oneself gain a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. This is also another reason many actors switching their careers into producers.

While many of them do this thing to gain complete control over the destinies of their careers, others are merely involved in producing tasks to increase the industry’s scope and quality.

Making a difference behind the scenes can also help actors of colors tell stories that have historically been forgotten which will also give the said actors more complex roles.

Salma Hayek, who produced an Oscar-winning movie Frida that tells about the life of a Mexican artist, is one of the many professional actors that create diversity in showbiz. 

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While keeping the opportunities coming to them is the apparent reason as to why or how do actors become producers, those who have high self-awareness and decent filmmaking skills optimize their producer role to create a fresh look in the industry.

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