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How to Become a Comedian Actor with Just a Few Steps

When you try to make people content by making them laugh, that's a nutshell comedy performance.

While you wouldn't need any extensive training to become a comic, making it your full-time career does take a lot of hard work and persistence.

You may be wondering about how to become a comedian actor.

Well, you may start by writing jokes, so you can create a series by stringing them together.

You should sign up for open mic events and deliver your performance until you've got enough laughs.

You might be able to get paid for all of your efforts on becoming a comedian.

How to Become a Comedian Actor in Three Simple Ways

1. Understand Deeper about Comedy

You might assume that comedians are merely saying jokes. Although this is valid, what they actually do is surprise the audience. A joke needs a "punchline." Taken from the word "punch", it means you will be caught in the face at the end of a joke with something you didn't see coming. Well, that's where the humor comes from in the first place. 

2. Watch and Learn

By discovering comedians that you like and relating to their sessions, it is the perfect way to improve your humor and style. Listen and understand what makes them different than other comedians. That way, you will appreciate what jokes they are saying and how they deliver the jokes. 

The next step is to understand their tone of voice and delivery pace, so when you do your own set, you can imitate them later. Then, find a video of their appearances, and look at their stage appearance and performance. In short, one of three ways on how to become a comedian-actor is to watch and learn while others are doing comedy.

3. Practice while Performing

In terms of artistic professions, being a comic in the conventional stand-up comedy sense is more of a rare circumstance. There are no schools to become a comedian. Thankfully, there are "open mic nights" at some clubs where amateurs are encouraged to get up to the stage and perform a set of jokes to a paid crowd. It is the perfect way to practice, refine and cultivate your skills, arguably.

The bottom line is that becoming a comedian is not as simple as it seems.

However, with only three steps of how to become a comedian actor, you may start your dream job as a stand-up comic, or a comedian actor.