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Noel Schnapp Biography and Facts

America’s Young Acting Prodigy, Noel Schnapp Biography, and Facts

Talking about a sci-fi Netflix series Stranger Things, you can’t run away from its young actor’s charm.

Meet Noel Schnapp, he is one of the actors playing for this series despite the fact he was only 12 at that time.

Active since 2015, Noel Schnapp has even more projects since then.

Let’s check Noel Schnapp's biography and facts listed below. 

Noel Schnapp Biography and Facts: Starting Young, Staying Famed

Noel Schnapp’s Family

Coming from Canadian-American parents who have a root from Russian and Moroccan Jewish, this New York-based young actor was born on October 3rd, 2004. He has a twin sister, which he mentioned to be born 4 minutes later. But, unlike him, his sister doesn’t seem like she is into the film industry.

He stepped on acting artistry at 6 years old. Since he took an acting class, it was easier to spot his excellence in acting, which made his teacher, suggested him to pursue professional acting two years after enrolling – and he made it!

Rising Fame

Talking about Noel Schnapp's biography and facts, it seems like something missing if we skipped on his earlier projects. Not to forget, his scratch to gain success.

Noel Schnapp debuted as a young actor after passing an audition for Bridge of Spies – a 2015 drama biography directed by Steven Spielberg. In that film, 11-year old Schnapp played Roger Donovan, which later came as his great base to another acting gig. Within the same year, he also became a voice actor for The Peanuts Movie. These two gigs really benefitted him for his further career in both dubbing and acting.

More Projects Coming

Beginning 2016 with being the cast for Panic! At the Disco’s MV, Noel Schnapp continues his career at being a voice actor for The Angry Birds Movie. In the same year, his appearance as one of the main actors in Stranger Things – that Netflix sci-fi series – gave him a direct ticket to surging fame; even he was ‘listed’ as the candidate of regular actors for the second season of the series.

Although in 2017 he didn’t make it through the big screen, he got some chances to appear on TV. The year 2018 marked his huge comeback – as he was getting roles in several films. He started the year with a short film The Circle, then slowly getting more roles like in We Only Know So Much, Abe, and Waiting for Anya.

That’s Noel Schnapp's biography and facts.

So, you can see now that despite his young age, Noel Schnapp has been through thick and thin in the film industry.

As fans, it’s nice to get to see his further projects, isn’t it? Let’s expect it to be coming soon.