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How to Promote a Short Film Independently in 3 Ways

As an aspiring filmmaker, have you ever wonder how to promote a short film?

Creating and promoting a short film is considered by many to be the best way of gaining valuable experience.

If you want people to know your work, you must invest hard work in making and promoting your short movie.

You may hire a freelancer or specific agency to promote the film, but it requires expenses.

On contrary, promoting your own offers many advantages.

To know more about film promotion, here is the list of ways you can do for promotion.

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How to promote a short film?

How to Promote a Short Film Independently?

1. Social Media

Social media has always been the ideal platform to promote a short film with less time and effort, especially Instagram. You only need to post pictures related to your film to gain engagement. This platform also allows you to connect with your potential viewers by conducting an online discussion about the film.

2. Create an Impressive Trailer

The next vital step in how to promote a short film is creating an impressive trailer. Every inspiring filmmaker wants people to become highly intrigued with their movie. A trailer that makes people want to stay updated about the film is an excellent one. 

That means you better create a jaw-dropping trailer and upload it on YouTube or any social media platform specifically made for promoting the movie. This way, the potential viewers know where to go to get more information.

3. Submit Short Films to Film Festivals

There are many sites where you can submit your film for film festivals. Film festival sites have many listings from around the globe. After your submission is approved, consider researching which popular columnists will be participating in the film festival. 

The next step is contacting the columnist by sending a press release and a link to your short film. Then, tell them you will be attending the festival. It does take much time and has a complicated procedure. Still, it can be a stepping stone to a prestigious film festival.

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Besides knowing how to promote a short film on your own, the creativity and originality of the work are the main factors your movie will get massive appreciations.

Try to think out of the box regarding the process of widening the target audience.

No one said it’s easy, but once you manage to successfully gain a lot of viewers for your film, everything will be worth it.